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Thorough Explanation On How To Distribute Press Releases For Free And Tips For Choosing A Press Release Distribution Service

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What are the methods of distributing press releases for free, and what kind of results can be expected from each method?

In this article, it will explain how to distribute press releases for free, the benefits of using press release distribution services, and how to choose a service.

How To Distribute Press Releases For Free

There are several ways to distribute your press release for free. Either way, it is important to consider who you want to deliver your information to and for what purpose. Understand the characteristics of each and implement them comprehensively.

Method 1. Free press release distribution service

A press release distribution service that allows you to make your company's information known to more people. Benefits include media coverage, being able to convey your thoughts to consumers in your own words, increasing the trust of customers, business partners, and investors, increasing the number of colleagues you work with, and being able to conduct marketing activities.

Some services have a free plan and some can be used completely free of charge, and the number of deliverables, available functions, the presence or absence of options, the scope of support, etc. differ depending on the plan and service, so compare before using. 

Method 2. Company homepage

By posting a press release on your company's website, you can convey the official latest news to the media and consumers who have been paying attention to your company from the beginning. When the media catches up on information, they always check the primary information before publishing or reporting. Posting press releases on your company's website is also useful for confirming the facts of the content obtained from secondary information.

The homepage can convey all kinds of information about the company, such as corporate philosophy, personnel information, other initiatives, products and services. Job seekers often visit websites. That's why it's worth posting your own latest news.

Method 3. SNS and blog

PR activities using SNS and blogs are increasing, and many of them are available for free. Information can be disseminated on SNS services with many users, and reaction to information can be measured by reaction functions such as "Like" and diffusion functions. Once the information posted on SNS or blogs attracts attention, some people may continue to check their SNS accounts or blogs.

5 Benefits Of Using A Press Release Distribution Service

As mentioned above, there are various ways to send press releases for free. Above all Press release distribution services can make your company's information known to more people, which leads to more efficient PR activities. Here are some of the benefits of using a press release distribution service.

Benefit 1. Lead to media coverage

By using the press release distribution service, you can expect publication in the media that sought the information and the media that found the news value.

Media publications make it easier to increase the credibility of information because the company's information is disseminated from the "objective viewpoint of a third party". If it is sent together with comments from the media and related information, it will have the effect of attracting the interest of more consumers. Spreading your company's products, services, initiatives, etc. to the world as "useful information" through third-party media will also lead to branding.

Benefit 2. Deliver news to stakeholders in their own words

By using the press release distribution service, you can directly convey your company's information and thoughts to stakeholders such as consumers, customers, business partners, and investors.

In addition to "convenient functions," "useful services," and "beautiful products," it is increasingly being evaluated based on the company's thoughts and sympathy for its mission. In addition to delivering such information through the media, it can be said that communicating in the company's own words is necessary not only for promoting recognition but also for acquiring highly favored fans.

In addition, press releases are official documents that summarize new information in a concise manner, making them easy to use when explaining your company's trends to investors, shareholders, and business partners.

Benefit 3. PR activities can be carried out at low cost

Unlike advertising, press releases are not posted by purchasing media slots. The cost of press release distribution is the cost of in-house press release creation, the labor involved in distribution work, and the usage fee when using a press release distribution service.

Although it is not necessarily picked up by the media, recently there have been cases where press releases have caught the eye of consumers directly, and in some cases have received a great response.

Distributing press releases can be said to be an effective means of conducting PR activities while obtaining the various benefits described above without incurring high costs.

Also, if you continue to disseminate information through press releases, you may be able to establish your brand image and increase the number of your company's fans.

Press release distribution can be used for public relations PR activities with reduced costs, and at the same time, various secondary effects can be expected for companies.

Benefit 4. Leading to recruitment, collaboration and support

The purpose of press release distribution is not just to distribute information from companies to the world. The purpose is to communicate the company's activities, products and services themselves, the thoughts of various people involved in development and sales, the outlook of the company, etc., and to build connections with many people.

If your products and services, your company's efforts, your thoughts, etc. are widely spread through press release distribution services, people who are attracted to your company through the information may feel that they want to work for this company. Assuming that such a person will appear, it may be a good idea to cooperate with the human resources department so that it can lead to smooth recruitment activities.

In addition, there is a possibility that companies and organizations that see the press release will offer cooperation and support. In addition to reporting on a company's business activities, if you can convey the thoughts and stories behind it, it will lead to opportunities to meet people who support your company's activities and initiatives. It is also an idea to maintain a corporate website so that you can provide information that cannot be conveyed through press releases alone.

Benefit 5. Can do marketing

We have introduced how the press releases distributed by our company are picked up by the media, and as a result, we can see the reactions of consumers, companies, and investors as a result. Knowing the reaction of the world means that it becomes a part of marketing activities.

The media picks up what the world wants. This will be an opportunity to catch up with the needs of the world.

Tips For Choosing A Press Release Distribution Service

Press releases can inform more people about your company and your new products and services. Rather than just telling the facts in a matter-of-fact manner, it conveys various elements such as the story that led to the birth of the product or service and the thoughts of the company. In order to choose a press release distribution service that can realize them from among many, it is a good idea to check whether the service has the following points.

1. It is very important whether the distribution destination and the attributes of the viewers match the company or whether the information reaches the layer that the company wants to approach. It is necessary to think firmly about "who do you want to deliver the information to" and "how you want it to be picked up by the media". We must also consider consumers who obtain information through the media, rather than aiming to be picked up by the media. Check the distribution destination and viewers of the service you are considering, and check in advance whether the layer you want to deliver information to is included.

2. It is also important to choose a press release distribution service that has a large number of distribution destinations or can deliver information as widely as possible. If you can appeal not only to the layer you want to approach, but also to the potential layer, you will be able to meet new stakeholders. For that reason, we recommend that you consider a service that can deliver information as widely as possible, with a large number of distribution destinations and partner media.

3. It would be good if the timing of the press release can be controlled by the company that distributes it. If the service has a reservation distribution function, you can set the press release manuscript in advance so that you do not have to worry about the scheduled distribution date. Also, if there are items to be confirmed until the last minute of the day when the ban on information is lifted, and the final manuscript cannot be finalized, it would be convenient to be able to deliver it immediately. For example, if a company finds themselves in a negative situation and wants to issue a press release about an apology, responding immediately will convey sincerity to stakeholders. We recommend a service that allows companies to freely decide the timing of distribution according to the situation.

4. Is it possible to convey the attractiveness of the information to be transmitted visually?
Press releases are mainly text-based information transmissions. However, it is unlikely that a press release that contains information in a matter-of-fact manner will be read in its entirety. It is a major premise that the content of the text is close to the reader's feelings and that it is easy to read, but it is also effective to create a press release that utilizes visual effects. For example, whether or not you can create an easy-to-understand press release by emphasizing an arbitrary sentence with the text decoration function or using a lot of images is also a point of service selection. There is also a function to embed videos, so you can convey your company's thoughts and passions that are difficult to convey with text alone, such as videos introducing products and services produced by your company and interviews with people involved in development.

5. Do you have a good support system? 
There may be questions about settings and features, especially if you're distributing a press release for the first time. In such cases, it is also important to have a system in place to provide prompt support. In order to distribute the press release smoothly, let's check whether there is support or not. Depending on the service, there are also plans that give lectures on tips for creating press releases. Public relations and PR staff distributing press releases for the first time may create manuscripts while feeling anxious and nervous about what kind of content will be read by many people. In such a case, it would be very reassuring to have someone with knowledge and know-how to support you.

6. Check whether you can measure the effect of distribution in detail. A press release is meaningless if it doesn't interest the person to whom it is delivered. If the content is not viewed or spread as much as expected, it means that there is room for improvement. On the other hand, if the response was greater than expected, it would be a good idea to explore where there was a point that attracted people's attention. In order to make the next press release even better, it is important to measure and verify the effects and to cycle the PDCA cycle. When selecting a press release distribution service, we recommend choosing a service that allows anyone to measure the effect with a simple operation.


There are various ways to convey information about your company to people, such as product/service announcements and new initiatives. In particular, dissemination of information through press releases not only can be expected to be published in the media, but also provides various benefits such as delivering information to stakeholders in their own words and bringing about effects in recruitment, collaboration, marketing activities, etc. can do.

If you want to disseminate the latest news about your company at no cost, you can use your company's website, SNS, etc., or use a free press release distribution service plan. When considering a free service plan from among many, check each distribution destination, number of distributions, support system, etc., and choose the one that suits your company.

By disseminating information by combining press release distribution services with other methods, you can expect effective PR activities that can appeal to more people.

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Philippine Startup Challenge
PR Station offers a special free press release distribution program “Philippine Startup Challenge" in partnership with PROTOCOL, a social network for the startup community, founded by Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda for startup companies at any stage, any industries. You can distribute UNLIMITED 1 year press releases for free as one of the prizes of the said challenge. “Philippine Startup Challenge" aims to unlock your potential, spread your passion and a chance to be heard! 

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Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Project
At PR Station, we provide know-how on press release distribution services to non-governmental organizations that are working to contribute to society, and are developing a "non-profit organization support project" concerning human rights, social, environmental and advocacy in the Philippines. You can use the press release distribution service of PR Station for free. 

Through the services of PR Station, the activities, philosophies, and passions of the organization can be known to many people over the long term, which will lead to understanding of the activities and gaining supporters of the organization.

NGO Project 

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