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How To Write A New Product Press Release? | 3 Benefits And 3 Points To Include

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The announcement of a "new product" is a good opportunity for press release distribution in any industry, regardless of whether it is BtoB or BtoC. You can deliver the story of new products to media and consumers who have not been able to reach media and information that you could not reach until now.

3 Benefits Of Distributing Press Releases For New Product Announcements

A new product announcement is a great opportunity to distribute a press release. So, what are the benefits of press releases unique to new products? Here are three benefits.

Benefit 1. You Can Approach Media Personnel By Utilizing The News Value Of New Products

Media people read press releases from the perspective of 'Whether there is news value'. A new product must always have a "New" point that is different from conventional products, i.e. news value. A new product announcement that organizes "What is new information" and clarifies the purpose of distribution can be a good opportunity for a press release. In addition, it will lead to an opportunity to promote past products and accessories.

Benefit 2. Able To Differentiate From Other Companies

By distributing information on new products through press releases, it is possible to convey the appeal of a product and its differences from other companies not only to media personnel but also to consumers. Communicating the differences in performance and design from competitors and sticking to differentiating methods of communication will make it easier for media people and consumers to make comparisons. It will also give readers a chance to feel the charm of your product.

Benefit 3. You Can Promote Your Corporate Brand And Philosophy Through New Products

Companies promote their philosophies and brands through various information dissemination, and gain recognition and sympathy from stakeholders such as consumers, media people, and shareholders.

Even in the release of new product announcements, the corporate philosophy and brand guidelines should appear in the story of the development background and the thoughts that led to it. If it has characteristics that are completely different from conventional products, it can be appealed as a new challenge. Press releases for new products often give priority to the image and color of the product, but they also have the power to convey the philosophy and brand that are the basis of business activities.

The starting point should not be the purpose of the company, such as profit targets, but rather how the company will contribute to society through its products and services, and what kind of society it wants to create. Keep this point in mind.

3 Points You Should Definitely Include In A Press Release For New Product Announcements

So, what should you include when creating a new product press release? From here, it will introduce the points that you should definitely include.

Point 1. Use 5W2H And Images To Convey Product Information Without Excess Or Deficiency

First of all, it is important to communicate in an easy-to-understand manner using 5W2H. Detailed features are also important, but first of all, let's describe the basic information that should be conveyed without excess or deficiency.

• When
• Who
• What
• Where
• Why
• How
• How much

Also, the use of images is very effective. Because it is eye-catching in the text, it is highly visible and can accurately convey information such as product visuals and usage that cannot be conveyed with text alone.

By using a layout that alternately uses text and images, it will be easier for people involved in the media to imagine the planning structure when making an article. We recommend including at least 5 images if possible. Even with the same product photo, it is good to have variations such as close-up and close-up photos of the product alone, and photos with people.

Point 2. Select Information With News Value From The Media's Point Of View

Media personnel select information from the perspective of whether it is necessary to convey that information to society now. We are looking to see if the new product has new information that should be communicated to the world. Along with the features of the product, describe in an easy-to-understand manner what is new and why it is necessary now, so that it will catch the attention of the media. It's also important to keep your titles concise so they don't get lost in the sheer volume of press releases you receive daily.

Newsworthy elements can be considered from the following 9 media hooks.

• Trend and Seasonality
• Locality
• Novelty/Uniqueness
• Image or Video
• Topic
• Superlative/Rarity
• Paradox/Conflict
• Sociality/Public interest
• Element of surprise

Let's delve into the aforementioned "Why" so that the news value can be conveyed from the media's point of view.

Point 3. Describe The Background And Story Of Product Development And Future Prospects

In press releases for new products, it is important to clearly describe the development process and the issues to be resolved.

Present social background and issues

Submit an issue

Explain that the solution led to the development of a new product

Introducing future business and product development

If you introduce it in such a flow, it will be easier to understand. If it is an issue that you can continue to work on in the future, it would be a good idea to include your future prospects and next initiatives in the second half of the press release.

In addition to the above objective information, it is also effective to convey stories unique to the parties involved in development and planning. Experiences and thoughts that can be conveyed only by the person concerned will deepen understanding of the product and may even arouse sympathy.

However, let's separate the part that introduces the objective facts and the thoughts of the developer. Mixing can lead to misleading and unconvincing press releases. Let's make a well-balanced press release by listing each separately.

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Press Releases For New Product Announcements

We have seen the points when writing a press release, but at the same time, what should we pay attention to when writing it? Here are some things to keep in mind when writing a press release for a new product.

1. Don't Let “Thoughts" Come First, Keep Objectivity

The passion for the product, which was developed over a long period of time, from planning to launch, is especially impressive. However, if such feelings take precedence and the press release does not convey the characteristics of the product, it is putting the cart before the horse. Write objective facts such as product names and specifications first, and then include your thoughts in limited items such as "Background leading up to development" and "Comments from the person in charge of development."

Also, even if it is a matter of course for the person concerned, readers may only learn about the product from the press release. Let's submit a manuscript while checking with multiple people whether it is written from an objective point of view.

2. Avoid Adjectives And Exaggerated Expressions, And Include Evidence Such As Numerical Data

It is important that press releases accurately convey the facts. Avoid subjective expressions with a lot of adjectives, and try to convey the extent of your impact on the market and society based on numbers, statistics, and other evidence.

Expressions using adjectives: Fashionable, Long-awaited, Best ever, Ease of use No. 1
Exaggerated expression: First ever
Objective basis: Annual sales of 10,000 units, Repeat rate of 90%, Customers 80% satisfaction

For example, if the product is "First in history", state the grounds for "First in history". It would be a good idea to present a clear rationale, such as external data or "First ever in the area of ."

Expressions using adjectives are purely subjective. Choosing words that have different scales depending on the person may improve the surface impression, but it will not convey the inherent goodness and splendor of the product.

In addition, by referring to various related data and external information, it is possible to convey that the product is being developed without forgetting a third-party perspective. Using those data, let's convey how much impact the new product will have on the market and society.

3. Talking About The Future That Can Be Seen Through New Products

In a press release for a new product, it is recommended to start with an overview of the product and then conclude with a future outlook. By describing the future outlook in the press release, you can convey that it will be an activity for the future rather than just a one-time announcement.

Even though it is a product press release, by finally mentioning the company's vision, it may be easier to acquire new fans who say, "I want to support this company in the future." When you read the press release again, check to see if this part has been omitted or conveyed.


We deliver our thoughts as a company to people such as consumers and the media. One of those skills is press release writing.

These days, countless press releases are distributed every day, and a lot of new information is overflowing on the Internet. For the receiving side, it is necessary to meet and determine the correct information, the information that you want to know.

It is never easy to deliver new products and corporate messages to consumers without misunderstandings. Let's create a press release that is easy to understand and appealing to the target audience.

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