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PR Measures For Hotels And Inns

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Acquisition of new customers and improvement of repeat rate are important in order to make PR activities effective at hotels and inns.

Let's consider not only the plans offered by normal operation, but also special plans associated with seasons and anniversaries.

In this article, it will introduce the points and flow for successful PR for hotels and inns.

3 Points For Hotels And Inns To Consider PR Measures

First of all, we will introduce the points when considering PR measures for hotels and inns. Let's create a profitable plan from the three perspectives of customer, company, and society.

Point 1. Incorporating seasonal events (from the customer's perspective)

The first point is to think about measures related to the events of each season. Various events can be planned depending on the season, such as the year-end and New Year holidays, Halloween, and Christmas.

For example, we offer guest room plans where you can see fireworks in the summer and offer regional specialty products in season.

Hotels and inns tend to stay a few nights, so it's easy to incorporate plans that are unique to each season.

Point 2. Determine the flow from preparation to execution (from company's perspective)

When implementing PR measures, it is important to determine the flow up to implementation based on the operating budget of the hotel or inn.

For example, if you are developing a limited-time accommodation plan, you should check whether it will adversely affect the operation of the regular plan.

If the movement of the staff changes due to the implementation of the event, preparations such as adjusting the overall shift and checking the operation are necessary.

Point 3. Linking with newsworthy themes (from a social perspective)

In order to have a greater effect, we will take up newsworthy themes from a social perspective.

Examples include SDGs-related plans that are conscious of diversity and plans for freelancers linked to diversity in work styles.

If it is an area where regional revitalization is an issue, you may want to develop a special plan in cooperation with the prefecture or town.

Flow Of Planning And Implementing PR For Hotels And Inns

From here, we will explain the flow from actually considering PR measures to implementing them in three stages.

1. Clarify issues and objectives, and set goals

First, clarify the issues and objectives, and set the goals to be aimed at with PR measures. For example, there may be cases where it is easy to acquire new customers because it is a tourist area, but the repeat rate does not increase easily.

By clarifying the issues, it will be easier to decide the details of the plan, and you will be able to consider specific PR measures.

If your plan is for an anniversary or a seasonal event, think about whether you plan to continue with the same program next year or the year after, and if you plan to continue, try to devise ways to connect to it from the second time onwards.

2. Concrete usage scenes and customer segments

After the issues and objectives have been clarified, we will consider the target demographics through PR measures and the actual usage scenes.

Some plans have a clear target audience, such as student-only plans, while others can approach anyone regardless of age or lifestyle. Let's consider the demographics and usage scenes that should be reached in order to achieve the goals set in 1.

3. Consider how to send messages that are easy to recognize

Once the content of the plan is fixed, we will consider how to disseminate the PR measures before the implementation. In the case of hotels and inns, you can set up a special page on their official website or use SNS such as Twitter to promote their products.

If you choose to use influencers, it is also important to understand the costs, including the request fee.

Also, by distributing press releases, you can approach a wide range of people without using advertisements. Actively communicate the unique features and benefits of your company while also being conscious of differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Benefits Of Distributing Press Releases For Hotels And Inns

Various effects can be expected by incorporating press release distribution into the PR measures of hotels and inns.

Benefit 1. PR costs can be reduced

The advantage of press release distribution is that it leads to significant cost reduction compared to methods such as advertising in magazines and posting on SNS using influencers.

Special projects increase operating costs, so make effective use of press release distribution to reduce PR costs.

Benefit 2. Leads to acquisition of new customers

If you use PR measures aimed at improving the repeat rate, you can also aim to acquire from the official website and official SNS accounts.

On the other hand, new customers have few opportunities to see official websites, etc., and it is difficult to approach those who are not aware of hotels and inns.

Especially for limited-time plans, the time is limited, so it is important to spread awareness as efficiently as possible.

Press release distribution is easy to read by a wide range of people, so you will be able to increase the chances of getting to know new customers.

Benefit 3. Make your company's characteristics and strengths known to many people

Unlike Twitter, where the number of characters and photos that can be posted is limited, press release distribution has a high degree of freedom in the content of the article.

In addition to introducing information on limited plans, you can also include multiple information such as picking up regular plans and mentioning your company's efforts and commitments.

Since you can introduce information other than the limited plan, it will be easier to achieve the goal of "I want to increase the repeat rate with the limited plan as a trigger."


When considering PR measures for hotels and inns, it is important to decide from the customer's perspective, the company's perspective, and the society's perspective.

Accommodation facilities can easily develop special plans related to events and can be configured with various themes such as for students, for girls' trips, and for families.

While using press release distribution as a means of introducing PR measures, please actively send out attractive plans.

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