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4 Ways For Public Relations To Become Independent As A Freelancer And Get A Job

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In this article, it will introduce those who are considering becoming a freelancer in public relations. It will explain in detail what skills you need, how to get a job, and points to keep in mind.

4 skills needed/required when becoming a freelance public relations

As a freelance public relations, it is possible to work in a limited role such as creating press releases, but now that the need for project type is increasing, it is necessary to understand the series of PR work and practice it.

So, here are four skills that are likely to be sought when becoming a freelance publicist.

Skill 1. Ability to understand industry and business

The first skill required for freelance public relations is industry knowledge and the ability to understand business models.

An understanding of the industry structure, industry issues, and business model is essential not only when understanding the company you are in charge of, but also when explaining the supporting company to the media. It is required to be able to explain the market size, industry customs, differences from competitors, service superiority, etc.

Public relations officers are tasked with grasping management policies and building relationships with stakeholders as information staff, so they are also required to collect and properly understand information sent by representatives, executives, managers, and on-site staff. Therefore, understanding of business models and knowledge of management are also required.

Skill 2. Planning ability

The second skill required for freelance public relations is planning ability . Especially in the case of public relations for external parties, the planning ability to think of a launch that will lead to news coverage is required.

It is important to answer the question, "Why is it necessary to take up this information at this time?" It is necessary to have the ability to collect information and create a plan so that there is no difference between the attractiveness seen by the media and the attractiveness that the company wants to present.

Skill 3. Power of writing

The third skill required for freelance public relations is writing ability. It is a skill that is necessary for conveying company information in an easy-to-understand manner, such as writing press releases, posting on SNS, writing scripts for interviews with representatives and manuscripts of expected questions and answers.

When conveying the appeal of a product or service, the choice of words and expressions can greatly affect the reader's impression.

It can be said that the ability to summarize information in words, such as verbalizing the thoughts you want to convey and simply explaining difficult business models, is also a skill required for public relations.

Skill 4. Media promotion power

The fourth skill required for freelance public relations is the power of media promotion. In order to have your company featured in the media, a series of business understanding and skills to approach media personnel and provide information is required.

First of all, we create points of contact with the media, and when we make a proposal, instead of just telling the company what we want to convey, we can get the interest of the other party by talking about their merits and what they are looking for, and we can grasp the opportunity for reporting.

Also, for companies that do not have their own media list, having a relationship with the media will also be appreciated.

Examples of work done by freelance public relations

The skills required for freelance public relations are similar to the skills required for public relations in general, but it is important to note that what was supplemented by a team must be done alone.

So, what kind of duties do you have when you work as a freelance publicist? Here are 4 main jobs that companies are looking for. If you become a freelancer, you may be able to take on some of the work instead of all of it.

Be clear about what you can do and what you cannot do.

Work example 1. Press release creation and distribution

One of the most frequently requested jobs for freelance public relations is writing press releases.

In addition to compiling information, as a public relations professional, I will propose presentations that will interest media personnel, such as how to add titles and how to use photos, and summarize the information.

Work example 2. Planning and execution of press conferences

The planning and execution of press conferences is also a content that can be entrusted as a freelance public relations task.

We will provide direction after grasping the series of press conference flows, such as news announcements to media personnel, attracting customers, writing manuscripts, creating expected questions and answers, guidance on the day, task management, moderator proceedings, and after-releases.

In some cases, you may be in charge of only some functions such as moderation.

Work example 3. Media promotion

There is also "media promotion" in the work entrusted to freelance public relations.

Media promotion, which clarifies the users who want to convey information, selects media, approaches reporters and builds relationships, often creates relationships on an ongoing basis, so there are many images that are carried out within companies.

Freelance public relations are not only responsible for one-time work such as press releases and press conferences, but also for long-term work such as media promotion.

Work example 4. Research release

Research PR ” , which conducts surveys related to company products and services, is also a role required by companies.

When conducting surveys for the purpose of media approach, we conduct surveys on themes that lead to the appeal of the target products and services.

After considering these survey items, we may conduct a survey using the customer list, SNS, and research company owned by the client company, aggregate, analyze, and comment on the results, or create a survey release.

In addition, we may be entrusted with verifying the effects, such as recording the programs, media, and content that the company has posted, and evaluating the results of being picked up by the media.

4 Ways Freelance Public Relations Wins Jobs

One of the things that you are especially concerned about when you become independent as a freelancer is “How to get an order for work”.

Learn specific ways to secure a job for income stability and growth opportunities.

1. Introduction/word of mouth

Referrals and word of mouth are the most common ways for freelance PR to get work. Participation in the public relations community often leads to referrals from fellow public relations professionals.

In addition, it is not uncommon for employees to outsource part of the work from the company they originally belonged to. I can carry out my work smoothly because I understand the content of my work and have built relationships with my employees. I think that there are few networks at the beginning of independence, but no matter what the business content is, repeatedly interacting with companies and actively making proposals will build trust and lead to introductions.

2. Agent

In recent years, the number of agents introducing work to freelancers has increased. It can be said that it is easy to match because companies that match the way of working and skills are introduced.

Also, by contracting through an agent, there are cases where troubles can be dealt with, so the convenience is high. On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that the required level will be higher because the usage fees and margins will be charged, and the amount of income will be lower, and the burden on the company will be higher.

3. Sales

In addition to receiving referrals, there is also a way to start your own business and undertake work. It is also possible to make inquiries to companies that want to support public relations, apply for jobs and make direct contact, and use SNS.

Since your experience and skills will be tested, it is a good idea to prepare a portfolio after paying attention to copyright.

4. Crowdsourcing service

One way is to use crowdsourcing services that connect companies and freelancers.

Looking at the content of the work requested, there are many one-time jobs such as press release agency and copywriting. It can be said that it is an effective means to accumulate experience and achievements, and to develop new business partners.

5 things to know before becoming a freelancer in public relations

Freelance allows you to work freely without restrictions on time and place, but sometimes things happen that you never imagined when you actually became independent. I will tell you 5 points that you should know at least so that you do not think that "This was not supposed to be this" after becoming independent.

1. Price carefully

The first thing you need to know before going freelance is pricing.

When undertaking work as a freelancer, it is necessary to negotiate the price and decide the terms of the contract. At first, there are many people who do not know the market price and give a low estimate out of anxiety.

In that case, we recommend that you create your own price list in advance rather than changing the amount each time. At that time, the operating hours, the difficulty of the project, and the amount of work are the criteria.

Convert annual income into hourly wages, calculate the time and effort involved in each task, search by each task x market price.

In the case of promoting media publication, trouble can be prevented by clarifying the completion requirements, such as whether the fee will be charged even if the advertisement is not published.

2. Decide how to manage tasks

The second thing to know before going freelance is to consider how you manage your tasks.

When you become a freelancer, you will have to do the clerical work and accounting work yourself unless you ask for it. Also, when undertaking projects for multiple companies, there are many times when you will be contacted during the work, so it may be difficult to switch your mind and struggle to maintain your concentration.

When receiving multiple public relations consultations, it takes time other than work, such as inputting industry information.It is necessary to consider the allocation of time in advance. In order to concentrate on your work, let's proceed with your work without neglecting your task management while promoting labor saving such as utilization of accounting software and task management functions.

3. Estimate your ideal income

The third thing you need to know before going freelance is the importance of estimating your ideal income.

Clarify the reason for independence, set goals such as sales and work content, and create a situation where you can always return to your goals and objectives.

4. Maintaining good communication with companies

The fourth thing you should know before becoming a freelancer is that polite communication with companies is important.

Public relations is a type of work that involves building relationships with stakeholders over a long period of time and producing results, so it often takes time to produce results. In order for the client to entrust the work with peace of mind, it is required to build a relationship of trust with the company through reporting of work processes and work details.

Unlike the members who are in the company as employees, it is precisely because they are external people who are involved in the form of outsourcing that they are involved, so let's aim to build a relationship of trust by conducting polite communication.

5. Valuing empathy for the company's important thoughts and goals

The fifth thing you need to know before becoming a freelancer is that empathy with companies is important.

One of the points that media people are interested in companies is the company's "Passion". When explaining a company to the media, the way of communicating changes depending on whether or not there is empathy for the corporate philosophy.

If you are undertaking multiple projects, you may be busy and your work may become laborious. However, in promoting the company, Empathy with principles is a major factor that leads to motivation.

When you undertake a job, why don't you be conscious of whether you can sympathize with the company's philosophy and goals instead of just checking the conditions?


The number of companies that feel the need for public relations is increasing, and the demand for freelance public relations is increasing.

When considering independence, it is important to balance the benefits and precautions that can be obtained by becoming a freelancer. Think about whether the means of freelancing is suitable for your purpose.

When you become independent, you will face your own way of working and thinking. While there are many conflicts, there are many people in the same situation, and there are many services for communities and freelancers, so we have an environment where we can solve problems one by one while collecting information.

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