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Merits And Points To Keep In Mind When Using Videos In Press Releases

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" Video " is becoming more and more familiar through the spread of video posting platforms. Opportunities for companies to use videos as advertisements and content are also increasing.

 In this article, it will introduce the benefits of using videos in press releases and points to keep in mind.

3 Advantages and Effects of using Video in Press Releases

A video that can specifically appeal to products and services through movement and sound. By using videos in press releases, various benefits and effects can be expected for each stakeholder, including consumers, media personnel, and investors.

Advantage 1. Intuitively communicate the appeal of products, services, and people

One of the benefits of using videos in press releases is that you can intuitively convey the appeal of products, services, and people.

By inserting a video showing how the product/service is actually used, it is possible to show the usage method and effects more intuitively as a movement than if you were to explain in writing.

The amount of information that can be conveyed by video is so large that it is said that the amount of information that can be conveyed in one minute of video is approximately 1.8 million words, equivalent to 3,600 web pages. Especially in the case of products and services that are used in a complicated procedure, using videos can reduce the burden on both the reader and the writer of the press release.

In addition, press releases may include comments from the person in charge, etc., in order to elicit empathy and familiarity from readers.

Such comments can also be delivered in more detail by shooting and transmitting the remarks of the person in charge as a video. You will be able to convey the personality and feelings of the person through their actual facial expressions and tone of voice, and bring a deeper sense of empathy.

Advantage 2. Materials can be used in video media such as TV

The second advantage of using videos in press releases is that the material can be used in video media such as TV.

When video media such as TV consider coverage, it is a very important point of view that "whether there is an impact on the screen at the time of broadcasting = whether a good image can be taken". By inserting a video when distributing a press release, the receiving media will be able to grasp what kind of image they can take, and it will lead to the possibility that they will consider it as an interviewee.

Especially for products with simple packages or intangible products, it is sometimes difficult to prepare images with impact. By inserting a video that includes usage scenes, etc., it will be easier for readers to leave an impression, and they will be able to use it as a reference for creating images for video media.

After the restrictions on movement due to the crisis, it is said that there are more cases where TV stations use materials provided by companies in their programs. Preparing video materials is becoming very important in building relationships with the mass media.

Advantage 3. Information can be transmitted without limiting the language

The third advantage of using videos in press releases is that "information can be disseminated in any language".

Video explanations can be understood visually and intuitively without language, so even people who do not understand other languages can convey the outline of the presentation and the tone and nuances of the presentation.

When you want to deliver information to overseas media and investors, or when you cannot allocate resources for arranging and confirming translations, you can use videos to communicate globally.

Types of videos to use in press releases

There are many types of videos that you can use in your press release.

Here are five representative examples.

Introductory videos of products and services

As mentioned above, it is possible to visually and intuitively convey specific usage scenes and usage methods.

In addition to the timing of announcements of new products and services, it is also recommended to insert videos as supplementary information about the outline of products and services when announcing existing products and services.

Event report video
Record and transmit the atmosphere of the venue and the excitement of the participants as an archive.

In addition to being able to share the actual situation with those who could not participate on the day, you can refer to it as a past document when doing new initiatives at your company.

Investigation report video

If you publish the investigation report only in text, the amount of information will increase and it may be difficult to read with only letters and figures.

Making videos with narration and animation will reach more people.

User Interview Videos

Users' impressions can be conveyed more realistically through actual facial expressions and tone of voice. The appearance of a specific person can also be expected to have the effect of increasing the credibility of the interview content.

Company introduction video
By specifically conveying the atmosphere of the place where you actually work and the atmosphere of the people, you can intuitively understand the atmosphere of the company and the company's attitude. Through interviews with working members, you will be able to convey the company's vision and mission with great enthusiasm.

4 Tips for Using Video in Press Releases

From here, it will explain the tips that you should keep in mind when actually using videos in press releases.

Although there are differences depending on whether or not the video has been uploaded to a video posting platform, as with press releases, proceed with a clear sense of purpose from production to publication and effect measurement.

Tip 1. Check if your video has public restrictions

For videos used in press releases, check with your company in advance how to set restrictions on publishing.

Also, when distributing press releases using the press release distribution service, and when sending individual emails to media personnel, there are different points to note regarding disclosure settings.

• When sending individual emails to members of the media
It is possible to send videos directly as attachments, but there is a possibility that they will not be able to be played even if received due to security and capacity issues.

We recommend that you upload the video to a storage service or video posting platform and send only the URL by email.

If you want to share only with media people, make sure that the upload destination is restricted to the public. It is even safer to use a storage service that allows you to set a password.

Tip 2. Make the content and length of the press release, convey the purpose


When making videos, make sure that the content conveys the purpose of the press release.

It's best to keep your videos to about 1-2 minutes in length to prevent withdrawal and keep them watching until the end. Don't try to include everything in one video, try to have one message per video.

It is also necessary to consider readers who are in an environment where the video cannot be viewed. Even if you are using a video, please write in a polite manner so that the content can be fully conveyed with text and images alone.

When using a press release distribution service, embedding more than 2-3 videos in one release may slow down the display speed. From the viewpoint of usability, it is important not to rely too much on videos.

Tip 3. Make sure the video is objective and easy to understand

When creating videos for use in press releases, as with the press release itself, you need to be careful that the content is concise and objective.

In particular, if the video is processed by excessive production or editing, it may not be used as material for TV. If you want to use a directed or processed image video or promotional video in your press release, create a press release with text and images as the main part, and insert the video as a supplement.

Also, if you can provide video material without captions before editing, it will be useful for media people. If such materials are available, we recommend that you state this in your press release.

Tip 4. Measure the effectiveness of the video itself

When uploading a video used in a press release to a video posting platform such as YouTube, data such as the number of high and low ratings and viewership can be obtained via the platform. Based on the data about the video itself, let's use it as a reference for the next time along with the reaction to the press release itself.

In addition to quantitative evaluations based on data, we will also collect qualitative evaluations such as feedback from the media and reactions from inside the company and from consumers, enabling the PDCA cycle.

How to use video in public relations activities other than press releases

We have talked about press releases that use videos, but videos used in press releases can also be used for PR activities other than press releases.

It is a video that holds points such as "clear gist" and "objective and concise content", so it will be useful in various scenes. Here are four specific examples.

Recruitment Content

Video messages from representatives and videos explaining services and products will be used as content for recruitment events and recruitment blogs. By watching the video, you can intuitively understand the appeal of your company while saving the man-hours of preparing for the event.

When holding webinars

Many times as part of marketing activities, you can reduce the number of speakers and management man-hours by showing an introductory video of the service / product or company as a company explanation. Also, in some cases, a video keeps participants more engaged than a verbal explanation.

Materials for Business
Negotiations similar to webinars, you can expect the effect of attracting business partners to business negotiations by using some of the edited videos that are easy to see instead of telling everything verbally. In addition, even if a product or service for which you have not prepared materials becomes a topic of discussion, simply sharing the URL of the video will help people understand the outline immediately.

Members-only content in online communities, etc.

You can also think of measures to increase loyalty, such as archived videos of events and presentations held for specific targets, such as those involved in media, and distributing and publishing them only for members.

Communicate your company's information more effectively with video press releases

Of course, it is important to stir the reader's imagination with text, but by using videos, you can more intuitively convey the appeal of products, services, and companies.

Now that videos are becoming more and more familiar, using videos in press releases can be expected to be an effective approach to consumers and media personnel.

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