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How To Outsource Press Releases?

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By distributing press releases, you can deliver information and initiatives related to your company's products and services to more consumers and media people. Therefore, the distribution of press releases plays a very important role in raising awareness of a company among PR activities.

In this article, it will explain the points you want to know about how to outsource press releases for those who cannot handle press release distribution in-house. In addition, it also introduces the advantages and cautions of outsourcing press releases, as well as a guideline for fees. Please refer to this if you are considering outsourcing.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Press Releases

What are the benefits of outsourcing your press releases? Here are five benefits of outsourcing press releases.

Benefit 1. Avoid resource shortages and get to work on manuscripts faster

Among the companies that are considering outsourcing press releases, there may be many that do not have a dedicated public relations person and are not involved in public relations activities. In particular, press release creation is a task that requires not only writing skills, but also specialized skills and knowledge, such as how to effectively distribute press releases to the media. Startups and SMEs, in particular, may be resource-poor and may not have the time to devote to human resource development.

Outsource the writing of press releases , Public relations professionals will listen to your company's attractiveness and quickly create a manuscript that is conscious of media hooks.

Benefit 2. Understand the procedures for press release distribution

There are three stages to press release distribution. First create the manuscript, then distribute the created manuscript. And to approach media people individually. If you outsource press release distribution, these work can be outsourced, so internal resources can be allocated outside of public relations activities. It will also be a good opportunity to learn know-how that can be used when operating in-house in the future.

In addition, depending on the method of request, it is also possible to divide the work, such as outsourcing only the creation of the manuscript and creating the media list in-house. It is also important to take care of what can be operated in-house as much as possible, and to be conscious of not relying entirely on outsourcing.

Benefit 3. Only what you need, when you need it

Another advantage of outsourcing press release writing is that you can use only the parts you need, when you need them. Even if you don't have a dedicated public relations person in your company, pinpoint and highly effective PR activities are possible.

Also, if you outsource the work, there is no cost other than the requested work, so there is an advantage in terms of cost performance. It is especially recommended for companies that want to reduce labor costs.

Benefit 4. You can show your company's attractiveness from an objective point of view

The subcontractor will communicate the appeal of your company from a third-party perspective. Employees alone do not notice that there is a possibility that you will create a press release while incorporating new perspectives and expression methods. What is taken for granted inside the company often appears attractive from the outside.

Of course, even within the company, it is a major premise to understand and convey the features and appeal of your company's products and services. After that, let's send out the charm seen from the point of view of PR and advertising professionals.

Benefit 5. You can learn know-how in every industry

Press release outsourcing companies include PR companies, advertising agencies, freelance PR, Optional services for press release distribution platforms such as "PR Station” can be considered. Most of the outsourced are companies (or people) who have a track record of engaging in public relations activities across various industries. 

Therefore, in addition to expressions that are conscious of the above-mentioned media hooks, also provide information on the distribution destination of press releases that match the attributes of the company, titles that capture the hearts of consumers and media personnel, writing points, and measurement of the effects of press releases after distribution. Learn the know-how of outsourcing properly and master the technology that you can operate with your own resources in the future.

3 things to know before outsourcing press releases

Outsourcing press releases have many benefits. On the other hand, there are some things to keep in mind when outsourcing. Here are three things you should know before outsourcing press releases.

Note 1. Your company may not have enough know-how

When outsourcing press releases, you may not have enough know-how in your company.

This means that in-house know-how is not accumulated because we rely on external resources for the series of processes from press release creation to distribution.

However, if you devise a request method and acquire the know-how properly, the above concerns will be resolved.

What you shouldn't do is to leave the business to the subcontractor and not get involved in anything at your company.

While keeping in mind the possibility of operating in-house in the future, learn the know-how properly from PR and advertising professionals and incorporate it into the manual.

Note 2. Expensive when requested

Of course, outsourcing will incur costs. However, the services provided by the subcontractors vary. For example, there is a pattern that requests all the work from manuscript writing to press release distribution and media approach, and a pattern that only requests manuscript writing. The amount varies depending on what is outsourced. Let's choose a method that you can feel more merit in while taking into account the demands and budget of the subcontractor.

Note 3. Media coverage is not guaranteed

In addition to being well-versed in the PR situation of various industries, outsourcers often have strong connections with media personnel. For this reason, outsourcing is expected to have the effect of appealing the company's public relations activities to more consumers and media personnel.

However, just because we asked an outsourcer, Media coverage is not always guaranteed. People in the media tend to actively pick up topical information based on market trends and consumers' preferences. Please understand that no matter how much you ask a professional outsourcer, it is unpredictable whether or not it will be picked up by the media.

4 points to check when choosing a press release outsourcer

Here are four things to check when choosing a press release outsourcer. Keep these points in mind and be prepared for smooth outsourcing.

Point 1. Scope of work requested

When outsourcing press releases, be clear about the scope of work you are requesting.

The content of the request will differ depending on whether you want to request a series of work from drafting the manuscript to distributing the press release, or whether there is a part to supplement with your company's resources.

Depending on the contents, there may be a difference in the amount, and there may be cases where adjustment of the menu is necessary. If there is a discrepancy in understanding after making a request, there is concern that the press release distribution work will be delayed and lead to trouble. Organize the scope of work in advance before outsourcing.

Point 2. Number of revisions

After creating the press release manuscript, we will proofread it if there are any corrections. Depending on the subcontractor, additional costs may be incurred for post-calibration revisions. Therefore, let's decide the upper limit of the number of revisions at the request stage. Doing so will prevent problems from occurring later.

Point 3. Possibility of secondary use

There are probably many public relations staff who want to use the posted press release for secondary purposes to further enhance the effectiveness of publicity and to generate synergistic effects in fields other than PR.

However, there are cases where the information posted in press releases is related to intellectual property rights such as "copyrights" and "trademarks." For example, printed materials such as advertisements used for new products and services and commercial videos have expiration dates for photo copyrights and portrait rights. Be sure to check whether the press release can be used for secondary purposes and handle it with care.

Point 4. Achievements and specialty genres

Subcontractors are often familiar with public relations activities in all industries, but let's check if there is an affinity between the genre you are good at and your company's products and services. Genres that they are good at and have a proven track record will be more likely to be presented in a way that will attract the attention of media personnel. On the other hand, if you do not have much writing experience, you may not be familiar with market trends and backgrounds, and your manuscript may be weak in drawing out the interests of consumers.

Flow when outsourcing press releases

What is the specific procedure for outsourcing press releases? Here, we will explain the flow when outsourcing press releases.

STEP 1. Selection of request destination

First, select a press release outsourcer. Possible outsourcing companies include PR companies, advertising agencies, and optional services for press release distribution platforms. In addition, there is also a method of asking a sole proprietor who undertakes PR work by crowdsourcing.

STEP 2. Shared scope of work

When distributing the press release, share what kind of work you want to request specifically. Based on this, we receive proposals for service content from subcontractors.

STEP 3. Coverage

A hearing may be required to prepare the manuscript. Set aside about an hour for the interview. At that time, you should explain things such as “Why do you want to distribute the press release?” 

STEP 4. Creation and revision of press releases

We will write the manuscript based on the content of the outsourced interview. If you want to use images or videos in your manuscript, share them in advance. As soon as the outsourced manuscript is submitted, we check the content and exchange proofreading if necessary.

STEP 5. Delivery of materials

The subcontractor will deliver it in PDF, Word, or Google Docs in the format of the press release. 

STEP 6. Distribution of press releases

We will use the press release distribution platform to submit and distribute the manuscript. When distributing press releases, it is also possible to select media that have a more appealing effect. When submitting manuscripts, it is necessary to register an account with each press release distribution platform. 

In addition, there is a pattern of distributing in-house and a pattern of sharing an account with a subcontractor and requesting distribution of press releases.

5 Keys to Successful Press Release Outsourcing

Here are five tips for successful press release outsourcing. Follow these tips to guide your company's public relations efforts to success.

Tip 1. Communicate the purpose and expected effect of press release distribution

Now, press releases are not only a means of information transmission, but also a place to appeal to the outside world the thoughts, enthusiasm, and challenge of the company that is the source of the information.

When outsourcing press releases, be sure to clearly communicate the purpose of the press release distribution and the expected effect. If they are not clarified, no matter how experienced the subcontractor is, it will not lead to better public relations activities.

If you can properly convey your stance and thoughts as a company at the request stage, your writing will surely remain in the reader's mind. In order to succeed in press release outsourcing, it is important to clearly communicate the purpose and expected effect of press release distribution.

Tip 2. Clarify the content of the press release distribution

When outsourcing press releases, be specific about what you want to include. Make sure you know what you want your press release to convey and what information you need to convey about it, and be prepared to show it to your contractor. This will improve the quality of your information. 

Tip 3. Summarize in advance the details of the work you want to ask the subcontractor to do

The specific content to be requested from the subcontractor varies from company to company. For example, some companies may say, "We want everything from writing manuscripts to distributing press releases," while others say, "We want to handle the media approach in-house."

In some cases, outsourcing charges may be incurred depending on the content of the work, so it is important to organize the details of the request in advance. Differences in recognition after making a request may lead to problems. The requesting side should organize the work contents properly.

Tip 4. Before distributing a press release, be sure to correct it in-house

Just because you outsource the writing of a manuscript doesn't mean your employees aren't involved at all. Before distributing a press release, be sure to check and correct it internally. Having as many people as possible read the press release and get a variety of opinions will increase the depth of the content of the press release. Correction points are as follows.

  •   Are there any typos or misspelled words?

  •   Is the structure and content of the text appropriate?

  •   Are your images and videos rendered correctly?

  •   Does it accurately reflect what you want to convey?

  •   Is the content comprehensible to the reader?

Tip 5. After distributing the press release, verify the effect

By verifying the effect after distributing the press release, the next measures to be taken will be clarified. The press release doesn't end once it's delivered. Specifically, the following items are included in the verification of effectiveness.

  •   Number of PVs after distributing the press release

  •   Media exposure

  •   Number of followers

  •   SNS reaction number

  •   Number of inquiries

  •   Number of PV on corporate site

  •   Named searches

If you outsource, they may also verify these effects. When doing so, don't just ask them to tell you the numbers, but also ask them what points they are verifying. Doing so will serve as a reference for distributing press releases on your own resources in the future.

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We have introduced the points you should know about how to outsource press releases, as well as the benefits and precautions, and the approximate cost.

The purpose of press release distribution is to deliver company information and thoughts to as many people as possible. Keep in mind that the premise is to convey useful information that appeals to the hearts of consumers and media personnel.

Let's make effective use of it, such as outsourcing press releases according to the situation. It is also important to learn the know-how properly when outsourcing, and to be able to operate press release distribution in-house in the future. By doing so, know-how will be accumulated in the company, and better PR activities will be possible. Make good use of press release outsourcing to realize PR activities that can appeal to more consumers and media people.

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