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How To Analyze And Evaluate The Results Of Press Releases? Introducing The Points Of Preparation And Evaluation Of Analysis

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In this article, it  will introduce preparations and analysis methods for reviewing the results after the press release is distributed.

After delivering the press release, let’s analyze and evaluate the results

Press releases are a very important tool for delivering information to the media and consumers. In order to deliver information to the people who want it, it is necessary to improve the quality of the press releases to be delivered.

Let 's analyze and evaluate the delivery results each time and utilize them for the next delivery.

Preparation for analyzing the results of delivering the press release

In order to analyze and evaluate the results after the press release is distributed, it is important to prepare before distribution . Please confirm the items to be performed in advance in order to carry out the analysis effectively after delivery.

Preparation 1. Reconfirmation of press release distribution purpose / formulation of evaluation items

First, let's reconfirm the purpose of distributing the press release and consider the evaluation items.

In the first place, it is very important to clarify the purpose of delivering the press release . Set the evaluation items according to the delivery purpose.

For example, let's say you set the purpose of distribution to "getting it posted on the media." Evaluation items include the specific number of publications and whether or not they were published in a specific focus media. Set evaluation items that are easy to look back on in light of the purpose of distribution. This will lead to an effective reflection.

Preparation 2. Organize press release delivery conditions

Next, let's organize the distribution conditions of the press release.

It cannot be said that it is possible to effectively reflect on the distribution itself by looking at the numbers of the results without organizing the conditions under which the press release will be distributed.

Organize items such as delivery date and time, delivery content, independent release or joint release, delivery destination media, etc., and be prepared to look back after delivery.

Preparation 3. Check the data that can be obtained for analysis

As explained in " Preparation 1. Reconfirmation of press release distribution purpose / formulation of evaluation items ", it is important to set evaluation items in order to effectively review after distribution of the press release.

However, if the evaluation items are decided without confirming what kind of data can be acquired in the first place, it is not possible to look back and evaluate. Be sure to do it in advance. Check the data that can be obtained for analysis. 

Preparation 4. Creating an analysis sheet

If you want to continuously distribute press releases, you should analyze and evaluate the results including the press releases distributed in the past.

Let's organize the distribution conditions and distribution results of the press releases distributed in the past, and create an analysis sheet with Excel or Google spreadsheet so that you can review them all together .

How to analyze the results of a press release

Once you're ready to analyze your press release, here's how to do a specific result analysis. 

Analytical method 1. Use "Web Clipping" to check results with higher accuracy

In the "Analysis data" on the management screen, it is not possible to obtain the article information posted in publicity. If you want to check the result with higher accuracy, it is recommended to use        " Web Clipping ".

The number of web media surveyed is over 2,200, including domestic news sites, portal sites, curation sites, and video sites, so you can check the results that you couldn't find manually.

Analytical method 2. Organize and analyze directly received responses

As a result of delivering the press release, we receive not only online data but also direct feedback. Inquiry to the company and reverberation from stakeholders

A spokesperson alone cannot catch up on the feedback that occurs offline. We recommend that you tell the person in charge of the inquiry window or the sales person that you would like to share any feedback after the distribution.

Five points to evaluate the effectiveness of press releases

Finally, let's look at specific points to check when analyzing the results. 

Point 1. Publication medium

As a general premise, a press release is an official document addressed to the media. Make sure you know which media it was actually published in.

For each media genre such as Web media, newspapers, magazines, and TV. Organize in an analysis sheet which media it was published in.

Point 2. Number of PV / UU

Let's check the number of views (page views: PV) and the number of visitors (unique users: UU) to see how many people have seen the delivered press release .

Point 3. Number of articles published / reprinted

Check the number of articles published, which indicates how many media have been published, starting from the press release that was actually delivered .

Check the number of reprints that expose the created press release as it is . As numerical data, you can see how much response was received.

Point 4. SNS ripple number

The delivered press release is not only seen by the media, but consumers can also receive the press release directly. There are many consumers who take action on SNS such as Twitter and Facebook using the delivered press release as a source of information, so let's also check the number of SNS spreads .

Point 5. Advertising conversion value

The advertisement conversion value is a reference value calculated based on the advertising cost, the number of PVs, etc. when the advertisement is placed under the same conditions for the monetary value when the exposure is acquired.

By using the same calculation criteria, you can use it to help you compare press releases relative to each other. We recommend that you check it as a reference index.


In this article, it introduced specific preparations and points on how to analyze and evaluate the results of press releases. By analyzing and evaluating effective distribution results, you can improve the quality of press releases. 

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