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10 Unique Public Relations Methods That Are Easy To Catch The Eye Of The Other Person

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The role of public relations in companies and organizations is becoming more important, and public relations methods are increasing. With so much information coming and going, it is a good idea to communicate in a unique way in order to deliver the message that your company wants to convey to stakeholders.

Here are 10 unique public relations methods that are easy to catch the eye of the other person.

What is a unique public relations / public relations method?

In public relations activities, public relations methods such as "delivery of press releases," "utilization of SNS," and "holding of events" are generally known. There may be some spokespersons who are worried that even if they carry out public relations activities in the same way as other companies, they may not be noticed by the media, or that it may be difficult to differentiate. Is it?

However, there is room for ingenuity even with the relatively standard Public Relations method. In this article, we will divide into three types of public relations methods, "for media", "for consumers", and "consumer participation type", and introduce unique cases. 

Unique public relations activities and media relations cases for the media

Communication with media personnel is indispensable when conducting public relations through the press. Here are some unique methods that will help people in the media become interested in your company's information.

Method 1. Press kit that can only be done offline

Press kits that summarize promotional materials, images, and video materials related to companies and businesses for media personnel are generally sent and exchanged online.

But, share press kits including your products offline by doing so, you can actually read the product. In order to get the news, it is necessary for the media people to know about the company. Why don't you try to convey the appeal of the product with a press kit that allows you to try the actual product?

Method 2. Mail the press release with something other than paper

Online press release distribution is becoming mainstream , but one method is to distribute press releases using something other than paper . The opening rate will increase if you receive it in a different way from other companies.

By mail, not only press releases, but also pamphlets and sample products are sent in a transparent bag so that the contents can be seen, and you can differentiate yourself from other companies. You can be sure that you will receive it by writing the name of the person in charge instead of using the address as the department name.

Currently, the number of media that are not accepting mail is increasing due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, so it is recommended that you make a decision on mailing in consideration of the timing,  and convenience of media personnel.

Unique public relations activities and public relations cases for consumers

When conducting public relations activities for consumers, various methods such as advertising and the use of influencers can be considered. Here are three unique methods of public relations for consumers who have created a buzz.

Method 3. Use advertising in branding

Advertising is often seen as a marketing method mainly aimed at selling products. It can also be a tool to increase branding value and increase likability. Posting costs will be incurred according to the posting medium and the number of reach, but it is possible to convey the information that the company wants to send in a wide range.

Method 4. Influencer who does not show his face

In general, influencers are hired by talents, fashion models, athletes, specialists and intellectuals in specific fields to promote their products. 

Sample, Swiss-based pharmaceutical manufacturer Galderma promotes skin care brand Cetaphil. Video that does not dare to show influencers was released and attracted a lot of attention.

Although it is not a fashionable package that looks good on SNS, it is a unique case where the model is intentionally mosaicked to convey that you are confident in the ingredients.

Method 5. Video of in-house influencers playing an active role

A video site that can be used for various purposes such as tie-ups, dialogues, and usage reviews. Create a Youtube channel by appointing unique employees. By doing so, you can expect to attract users and increase the number of subscribers.

Method 6. Content that nurtures fans other than the inside story and the main story

In-house media is often operated for the purpose of acquiring new customers, but for services and businesses that are already well-known, it is also important to increase satisfaction and fan loyalty. You can create a special feeling by transmitting behind-the-scenes stories about services and businesses, and content that was not included in the main story.

Unique public relations activities and public relations cases with consumer participation

In order to increase the independence of consumers and increase their loyalty to companies, it is important for them to participate in projects such as communities, campaigns and events.

If you're happy with the experience your company offers, it's an efficient public relations approach that not only increases loyalty, but also leads to new customer acquisition from word-of-mouth.

Here are four unique methods of such consumer participation.

Method 7. Regional revitalization event utilizing audio media

With the rise of voice media such as Voicy and Clubhouse, we are seeing more and more companies using voice media in communication with stakeholders, especially in recruitment activities and user interviews.

Through ideas and collaborations with other companies, it is possible to make topical efforts using audio media.

Method 8. An unusual perk community

More and more companies are running communities to communicate with consumers.

One way to actively engage in two-way communication is to add benefits that are in line with a unique corporate culture and foster deep ties with community owners and members.

Method 9. Socially meaningful campaign

When it comes to campaigns, there are many gift plans, but by making socially meaningful efforts , it is possible to create an opportunity to raise the awareness and liking of the company.

Method 10. An event that devises how to show products

When holding an event for the purpose of increasing awareness of a company or service, it is not uncommon to publicize product characteristics such as functionality and aesthetics, but by multiplying events of types that are not normally combined, it becomes a unique event. 

Providing emotions that consumers have never experienced before creates the psychology of wanting to share their experiences and increases the likelihood of word-of-mouth.


In public relations activities, it is important to be in the position of the person who receives the information and keep thinking about "what kind of information will interest you" and "whether you can take action".

For that purpose, it is important for both media personnel and consumers to understand the other person by communicating with them on a daily basis. Understanding the life rhythm, characteristics, hobbies and tastes of the person to whom you want to deliver information is the key to thinking about public relations methods.

After thinking about the other person, you may come up with a unique method that is different from the past.

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