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Growth of Multi-Store Franchisees with The Figaro Coffee Group

What else is making current partners expand more in spite of the pandemic?

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Angel’s Pizza —one of the four food and beverage brands under The Figaro Group (TFG)— has experienced an uplift in sales pivoting its services to enhanced delivery efforts and targeting provincial and metro locations to capture a wider audience.

With a concrete strategy now in progress thats boosting the companys performance towards reaching its year-end goals, The Figaro Coffee Group (FCG) is definitely seeing more and more existing partners coming back to franchise yet again.

One of which is in the region of Western Visayas wherein Clover Arangote has franchised and opened two Angels Pizza stores in Iloilo and another one is currently in the works of a planned launch in April  this year in Bacolod.  

When Arangote was asked why he kept expanding with FCG, he shares that as a conservative type of franchisee, I made sure to invest in a product or company that I believe in and I know that there is a proven sales success record to also recoup investments at the right time. 

At the very start, we had high confidence that Angels Pizza will be loved by the Ilonggos considering the high quality of the products and its value for money,he adds. But apart from that, he noticed that theres also a fast-growing market for pizza since the onset of the pandemic considering people became fond of ordering online or through 3rd party delivery services. 

Intentional Guidance Provides Business Stability

While Clover Arangote may be a businessman at heart with a couple of businesses that have already succeeded in the past, he admits that its really easier to franchise especially with the assurance of Angels Pizzas strong brand recognition, its built-in customer base and a well-established business model. 

FCG puts high importance in open communication especially to their franchisees. From the start, they have provided continuous guidance and support which gave us an assurance that weve made the right decision in choosing them,Arangote notes. They have assisted us in all aspects of establishing a store—from hiring and training of staff, setting up and planning of the store, advertising and marketing of its product and services, sourcing of local supplies, and a lot more up until today.” 

So, when the pandemic struck, while their stores have been no stranger to the effects of it, FCG kept strong communications with them and supported them. I think the year 2020 was by far, the most challenging year,the franchisee recounts. 

However, even if they have had opportunity costs because of the situation, their Angels Pizza franchises continued to operate during those times with all their employees working on full schedule and still be able to provide for their respective families. 

In addition, he says that his storesupported our other businesses to continue to operate without cutting out any employees. So more than the profit, this was the best thing that happened to us.Today, Arangote is already looking forward to open more outlets in the near future with so much excitement for the launch of his newest Angels Pizza branch in Bacolod soon. 


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