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ABA Global Appoints NIFA as Draft League

More opportunities for local players in the Philippines to be part of a global league.

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The American Basketball Association (ABA Global) has officially appointed the National Intercollegiate Forum for Athletes (NIFA) as part of its ABA Global Draft.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, USA - April 12, 2024 - The American Basketball Association (ABA Global) has officially appointed the National Intercollegiate Forum for Athletes (NIFA) as part of its ABA Global Draft

Additionally, the partnership allows NIFA to form a Philippine National team to compete in the ABA Tournament in the USA, with Daly City, California, as its adopted home. This opportunity promotes cultural and athletic exchange and enhances the global visibility of Philippine basketball in the United States complimenting visibility in the FIBA League in Europe.

Reflecting ABA’s legacy of speed and athleticism, NIFA’s new initiatives aims to provide Philippine collegiate basketball with a ladder program to provide international exposure to 3 deserving players per year with scouting opportunities for the NBA G-league.

“We are excited about this ladder program to the ABA in the US and other participating countries which open the doors for our local talent pool deserving to play on the world stage,” said Mr. Sherwin Yanzy Enriquez, NIFA Commissioner.

The NIFA’s collaboration will also include Bangko Maharlika Ltd. (UK), the world leader in private sector led Universal Basic Income (UBI) via listed digital assets, extending financial support to student-athletes, coaches, and schools who are part of participating teams. This innovative approach aims at fostering economic growth alongside athletic development.

“There are now more opportunities for local players in the Philippines to be part of a global league thru this draft. This door has been opened again today, from the country’s participation last FY 2011 / 2012 where it was a collaboration with PLDT SMART and its national team,” said Mr. Paul Moñozca, Chairman of ABA Global.

The event will see an initial 16 teams participating as it expands to all provinces in the years to come. Countryside recruitment by dedicated scouts will also be part of the league.



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