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Vault Coin: A top-tier NFT and Metaverse Ecosystem

Opening Endless Possibilities

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Vault Coin is an ecosystem that includes an NFT staking platform, a diverse NFT marketplace, a community rewarding token, and an immersive metaverse experience. Vault Coin bolsters NFTs to fight against the time that eats away their hype and value.

Vault Coin NFT Staking and Marketplace:

Vault Coin NFT Staking platform is a part of Vault Coin’s ecosystem that offers huge returns on staking NFTs with the lowest possible trading fees.

Vault Coin Website

Vault Coin is an NFT Staking platform and an NFT marketplace on the Bitgert network. Bitgert is a highly scalable, faster, and cheaper blockchain that supports BRC2O Smart Contracts. This chain has a TPS (transactions Per Second) of 100,000 with absolutely zero gas fees. You can perform more than 1 million transactions for a fee of just $1. Vault Coin picked one of the best chains to add scalability, accessibility, security, and diversity to its ecosystem where people can pool their NFTs and enjoy the perks.

NFT holders can stake their NFTs and in return, they will be awarded a $VTC token. With Vault Coin, even if your NFTs are staked, you can still trade them. The staking platform issues sNFT, after staking your NFT, which is transferable and can be listed and sold on the Vault coin NFT marketplace. The Vault Coin NFT Marketplace allows the staked NFTs to be traded for just 1.5% fees. Vault Coin NFT Marketplace is a diverse marketplace to offer every kind of NFT project including the new drops and blue-chip collections, as it doesn’t matter where your NFTs come from, you can stake and trade them on Vault Coin. With the new breed of Stake-mint Smart contracts powered by the Bitgert network, Vault Coin pitches a new era of the NFT world of added utility.

Kunoichi: Vault Coin's NFT Collection

Imagine the life, value, and utility of an NFT collection that is coming from an NFT staking platform and marketplace. Vault Coin’s Kunoichi (Japanese name for female ninja) is a collection to fight against bullying and racism.

Kunoichi NFT Collection

The NFT collection is not just an image sitting in your wallet but it finds its value in being a part of the most influential NFT community. Owning one of the Kunoichi gives you exclusive access to a social club that has a lot to offer:

  • Be a part of a thriving community and appreciating-value NFT collection
  • Exclusive perks, discounts, and opportunities
  • Connecting and interacting with Influencers and NFT enthusiasts
  • Be the first hand to test the new products
  • Be among very few people to experience Metaverse and Kunoichi blockchain

Oasis: The Metaverse

Oasis Metaverse will be a virtual world of immersive experience where people can interact with others using their NFT avatars. You’ll be able to interact with your staked NFTs and even flex those to other people in the virtual world. 

Vault Coin Token:

The Vault Coin ecosystem has amazing tokens and tokenomics. Vault Coin’s token ticker $VTC is a native utility token that is used as a fuel in and across the Vault Coin ecosystem. The hardcap token is used in the NFT marketplace for buying and selling NFTs and used as a reward on the staking platform. The tokenomics of the tokens are set in a way that it grows organically as most of the fees and token distribution are allocated to provide liquidity. Around 40% of all fee collection and 40% of the total supply will be part of the token liquidity – allocating such a major chunk to stabilize and grow the price of a token is seldom to find.

Since this token will be used as a core payment tool, there’s no doubt why such a major part is dedicated to stabilizing the price. The token burning mechanism will reinforce the token price growth and stability with time.

Closing Remarks:

Vault Coin is in its first phase of roadmap implementation and has a long way to go and grow. The roadmap in Vault Coin Whitepaper reveals that the project will reach its maturity in less than a year. This whole roadmap is set on practical goals which are being achieved eventually. In Q1 2023, the ecosystem of the Vault Coin will have included NFT collection, Staking platform, NFT Marketplace, Native Token, Oasis Metaverse, and Metaverse Land Sale

The project is still in its phase yet getting partners who truly understand the potential of Vault Coin. Vault Coin is creating an NFT collection for Briseman Community who will use the Vault Coin ecosystem to stake and trade these NFTs. LunaGense a community-driven project will be using the Vault Coin Staking platform and NFT marketplace for its NFT collection. Likewise, Tokyo Coin, an NFT, and Metaverse initiative are also joining hands with Vault Coin as a partner to use the Vault Coin resources for staking and trading NFTs. The project will also be working closely with Vault Coin to build a joint metaverse experience by linking Tokyo Metaverse and Oasis. Aibra, with its AI-enabled blockchain tools, will help Vault Coin Metaverse Oasis to create a recruitment center.

Evidently, Vault Coin is going to become a future hub of the most diverse NFT communities. The project is not fully launched yet and it’s already getting a lot of attention and love from cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts. Vault Coin community is growing apace and the project will reinforce NFT and will help them grow to their full potential. The project will prove fecund for those who board it early and a FOMO-creator extraordinaire for those who pass on it.


Twitter: @VaultcoinLab
Telegram: @VaultcoinLab

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