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Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) Customer Advisory

TMP reaffirms dedication to quality and customer satisfaction amidst global supply challenges

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation
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Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) emphasizes its commitment to delivering quality products and the best vehicle ownership experience. TMP acknowledges delays in specific model arrivals due to global supply limitations and assures customers of a uniform ONE PRICE policy across all dealers.

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) reiterates its commitment to provide quality products and best vehicle ownership experience to the increasing number of valued Toyota customers.

As TMP continues to experience delays in the arrival of specific Toyota models/variants due to global supply limitation, we once again reach out to affected customers for their kind indulgence in the timely delivery of their preferred Toyota vehicles.

Furthermore, TMP ensures that its dealers implement a ONE PRICE policy based on a uniformed Suggested Retail Price (SRP). Should there be related concerns, customers may contact TMP at its Customer Assistance Center hotline (02) 8819-2912 or email

Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.

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