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“Tita Halaman, A Rising Young Artist that Paints About the Power of Emotional Intelligence”

An artist to look forward to that does paintings with poems

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Secret Fresh Gallery, Ronac Art Center and DF Art Agency just had its successful show this month of June, featuring Tita Halaman's first solo exhibition titled "Writings of a Never not Moving".

A lot were astounded by the dark yet vivid solo exhibition that was held last June 5th to June 17th in Secret Fresh Gallery, Ronac Art Center, San Juan. The show features a colorful variety of incredible huge works with one of one original handwritten poetry piece by the young artist, Tita Halaman.

An exhibit that captures the drive and the thirst of the persistent.
“Writings of a Never not Moving” aims to artistically communicate and influence the magic behind mind power through expressing “pain translated to courage” narratives in style of figurative expressionism using thick strokes of oil and acrylic. Indeed, a show bursting with dramatic vibrant visuals and strong impactful phrases that can energize and inspire its audience. One reason could be why the show got sold out immediately right after its opening.

The artist name concept, "Tita Halaman", is about a young person described as "Tita" for having an old soul personality, and "Halaman" for being extremely awkward and introverted. The artist explains that the idea came from the story of her childhood when she was so reserved and unsociable that she won’t play that much and socialize with other kids and would always simply pop out her notebook and pencil to draw some random figures that can represent the words she wanted to express or voice out instead. Her interest and burning passion for art, it all started there. so she decided to name herself as Tita Halaman.”

Here are some of Tita Halaman’s beautiful poems that got featured in Secret Fresh Gallery:

“Writings of a Never not Moving”

Strokes of hues laid here beneath,
Scream the sound a crowd can read
Every me, lives in a never-ending staircase
Head go dim and lit as the world spins wild
Here, lucky isn’t the famous child
Nor the baby born on a higher step
For lucky, is the mind with power
Fortune favors the mind with peace
What for are the stairs bordered with sturdy shoulders?
When one’s trained to focus gazing up
No matter how slow, no matter how little
If you’ll move and move, you’ll get there

“For the More She Juggles, the More She Lives”

She, a collector of chances she embraced
Piling the work, in her big blue space
She’ll toss and catch with her hands so weary
Clutching ways, through her handmade glory
A jill of trades, yet master of some
We’ll watch her out, she’s just begun

“The Luck of Growing Up the Hard Way”
In life, I race
High-heeled climbing rocky mountains
Undaunted swimming in gnashing flames
The harder it gets, the better I’ll be
For in life, I’ll race
Just to hear, your praise
So I could die, lucky
Hearing, you’re proud of me

"For Even Your Worst Case Scenario is No Match with Your Power"
Deep breaths hither as I ponder
Stretched out limbs, bearing my character
Heavy, but I’ll let my pain lift me
Closed eyes, as I see clearly
Calm, is the mindful and aware
Mind, is the weapon
To this world, so unfair

"Better Bend than Break"
There, go carve your thoughts to fit in
Go groove in an ever changing
Go weigh the flow, play the games
Adapt to grow, endure the chains
For one day you’ll see
What a seasoned traveler could be
A well rounded shrewd who knows to listen
A wise who can soar, fly and link in

"For Resting Means Preparing for Something Great"
A deaf space to hands ticking,
A pause, to the overwhelming
All we need, all we need
A while, a mind to feed
To sow flames, to blossom the verve
To replan, to rewrite the words
To recline, is to rekindle in solace
Here, we’ll rest and we’ll bloom again, always

After her successful solo show, Tita Halaman is now preparing to participate together with different prominent Filipino artists in the Manila’s newest art festival called Mocaf or “Modern and Contemporary Art Festival” under DF Art Agency on July 29 to July 31, 2022 in Grand Ballroom at Fairmont Makati. Plus, there's many more to look forward to so for more updates, people can reach out and follow Tita Halaman through her socials.


Connect with Tita Halaman:

All poems of Tita Halaman's paintings are also uploaded on Hello Poetry.

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