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The largest Shared Office & Coworking space in Sendai, Japan is now in IT Park, Cebu City

ENRISE GLOBAL INC. now operates the newest co-working space in the city, enspace Cebu.

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๐—ฒ๐—ป๐˜€๐—ฝ๐—ฎ๐—ฐ๐—ฒ ๐—–๐—ฒ๐—ฏ๐˜‚ is the newest Coworking, Virtual & Private Office Space located in a prime location.

โ€œIsn't it possible to create motivated and talented human resources living in rural areas, new business buds, and an environment in which they can grow? By having a base in a shared office where Silicon Valley start-ups gather, we have come up with the answer to that problem.ย By creating and nurturing venture companies, the so-called "venture ecosystem," we will grow people and businesses. These companies will succeed, "money, human resources, and knowledge" will be returned to the ecosystem, the soil for innovation will be more matured, and a chain of further growth will be created.โ€ย 

- enspace Founder, Katsuhiro Ago

enspace Cebu, the newest Coworking, Virtual & Private Office Space in IT Park Cebu, launched with the concept of "Glocal Factory", Creating a Glocal world where various โ€œfatesโ€ intersect. We support business growth and provide an environment (Factory) where everyone can take on challenges.

โ–  Services

  1. Drop-In Member: 400 per day
  2. EN Flexible Pass: 2,500 pesos (7 days coworking access valid for 2 months)
  3. Free Desk Membership: 5,000 pesos per Month
  4. Dedicated Desk: 7,500 pesos per Month
  5. Virtual Office Membership: 5,000 pesos Monthlyย 
  6. Semi-Private Office: 7,500 pesos per seat Monthly (promo)
  7. Private Office: 8,500 pesos per seat Monthly (promo)

Meeting Rooms

  • 2-persons (120 per hour) VAT inclusive
  • 8-persons (450 per hour) VAT inclusive
  • 12-persons (700 per hour) VAT inclusive

โ–  Support Services

We provide one-stop support for a wide range of back-office services which is necessary for overseas expansion such as from local researchers to operations after the establishment of corporations. We have a business alliance with Human Incubator Inc. a member of enspace Cebu and Japanese consultants who are familiar with the background culture of the Philippines.

  • Research/Visit Support; (Visit & Appointment Planner/ Interpreter / Transfer/ Meal/ Hotel Arrangement)
  • Incorporation Support; (Visa acquisition, Document Preparation, Corporate Registration, Capital Remittance, Business License Acquisition)
  • Operation Support; (Recruitment, Human Resources, Financial Accounting, Mergers & Acquisitions)

โ–  Scene

enspace Cebu provides assistance for companies considering overseas expansion.

  • Offshore development center (Who is considering establishing an overseas development base in the Philippines)
  • Expand Sales Channels (Who are looking for a base for the purpose of business expansion and sales channel expansion)
  • Business Trip Base (Who are looking for a workspace with a conference room when traveling overseas)
  • Recruitment Promotion (Who is considering a recruitment base in Cebu, Philippines)
  • Community Matching (Who wants to create new business opportunities through Community or Networking events)
  • Cost Advantage (Who are looking for a business environment with less labor and cost than a general rental office)



โ–  Operating company

Location: Unit 1102 11th Floor Park Centrale Building, Jose Maria Del Mar St., IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Operation Schedule:ย 

Representative: Representative Director Group CEO Katsuhiro Gogo
Established: 2020 January 1 (Holding company: Enrise Corporation)

Tel. No.ย 412-5647

Email Address:

Business description: Operation of shared office & co-working space "enspace Cebu", Operation of
employment support type IT school "ITCE Academy Cebu", Lab type development service Operation

Coworking + Shared Office:ย

EN Lab Special site:ย

Facebook: @enspacecebu

Instagram: @enspace.cebu

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