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Raket.PH releases digital resume feature

Not getting hired? Know this resume + portfolio hack

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Online job marketplace Raket.PH unveils its latest profile function called "RaketShip." This creative showcase of resume + portfolio is first of its kind in the Philippines.

Imagine you just graduated from college or you’re planning to switch jobs. You spent hours on Microsoft Word to create your resume and portfolio and then sent it out to numerous potential employers. Few months passed, sadly still to no avail. Don't let this turn into reality. Time to step up your A-pplication game. 

Out with the old, in with the new. Keep up to the trend and get your digital resume and portfolio done in minutes! Introducing RaketShip, your solution to making a great first impression. 

What is RaketShip?
Inspired by the English word “rocketship,” RaketShip serves as an instrument to propel a freelancer’s career to greater heights. This multipurpose profile is the latest feature launched by Raket.PH, an online job marketplace intended for Filipino freelancers. 

So, how does it differentiate from your usual compilation of work documents? Well, a lot actually. Let's take a quick comparison between traditional resume and portfolio versus a digital one.

Long & boring vs. easy & fancy
Hiring managers are faced with tons of applications everyday. Sadly, despite pouring your heart out on your application, going through each applicant is pretty tiresome for some recruiters. Impress your future employer with your creativity and efficiency by showcasing your straightforward and personalized profile link containing all your professional data and previous works. Easy peasy!

Intentional distribution vs. virtually accessible
 are the days when you miss an opportunity due to failure to submit your biodata. Let active searchers discover your potential by making your creative profile present 24/7. Share your personalized link and QR code to let them access it anytime, anywhere. It’s time to make opportunities knock on your doorsteps. 

Tedious process vs. Direct hiring
Shun the waiting-game anxiety away. No need to glue yourself on your computer while waiting for the result of your application only to find out you got rejected (ouch!). Take care of your wellbeing and get an answer right away via real time communication with clients all over the world. Your time, your rules. 

Create your profile for FREE today by visiting to jumpstart your freelancing career! 

Raket.PH is owned and operated by The Rocket Inc, a startup company headed by Juan Karlos Labajo, Peng Enriquez, and Carlet Enriquez. 


Raket.PH Team

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