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PetBox Represents the Philippines at the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology.

Founders of PetBox PH got the chance to represent the country sponsored by DTI.

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Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology showcases the top startups of each sector across the globe. Only 8 startups from the Philippines we're chosen by the Department of Trade and Industry to represent the Philippines.

Last October 24 to 29, 2022, PetBox PH was cordially invited to Singapore to attend the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH). The DTI Competitiveness Bureau searched for startups in the Philippines with high scalability and high potential to represent the startup market of the Philippines. Luckily, PetBox PH was chosen as the select few to represent the country as DTI acknowledged PetBox PH as one of the Rising startups in the country.

The Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) is a highly premier conference for technology that brings together leaders, entrepreneurs, creators, accelerators and investors from the Global-Asia innovation ecosystem. SWITCH provides a global platform to catalyze meaningful collaboration between different fields and markets.

Founders of PetBox PH, were able to fly their way to Singapore and represent PetBox PH. Ralph Caluya’s comments about the team’s trip to Singapore was, “ this was a big opportunity for us because it gave us a way to represent our country and it gave us the chance to show that the startup community in the Philippines is thriving. A lot was done by the representatives to maximize this trip and we consider it to be a successful one, this may be the starting point for further expansions across South East Asia.”

Remarkably, the team’s trip to Singapore was such an eye-opener to them as they also learned new things and strategies to level their game up.

PetBox PH being all about innovation and adaptability to the time’s changing course shows that PetBox is a force not to be reckoned with as they really do mean business. Not only do they want to show support to our fellow pet owners, but they really do want to navigate their way into the market as swiftly as the new technology era modernizes. PetBox PH continuously surprises us as to what they’re about to do next and every time they do, they do it with excellence. They are surely the Pet Market anyone in the Philippines.


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