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【Cosplay×NFT】OtaCute Inc receives investment from Next Chymia HK, and joins a business partnership with Cure Holdings


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OtaCute Co., Ltd. has received an investment as Series A from Next Chymia Consulting HK limited through a third-party allocation of shares. We would also like to report that we have simultaneously formed a business partnership with Cure Holdings Limited (Cosplay Token Project).

▼Objective of the received investment
Starting from 10,000 downloads of Otasuke Cosplay Community app in the Philippines, we plan to expand into the Indonesian market, which is the largest in Southeast Asia with a population of 270 million. We also plan to add a cosplay NFT function based on Cosplay Token, so we have implemented a third party allocation of shares with Next Chymia Consulting HK limited.

▼Objective of the business partnership
We have entered into a business partnership with Cure Holdings Limited (Cosplay Token Project) in order to return to the cosplayers and cosplay fans and expand the market by utilizing blockchain technology. 

In order to help establish an independent and decentralized cosplay ecosystem that uses Cosplay Token (COT), we plan to start expanding to Indonesia with the implementation support of COT which will be developed by the Cosplay Token Project.

▼ About the recipient (Next Chymia Consulting)

Company : Next Chymia Consulting HK limited
CEO: Sasaki Kenji

We believe that blockchain technology is a tool that allows us to bring equality to the world and create a better world, and provide blockchain services not only in Japan but to the rest of the world as well.

▼About the partner(Cure Holdings limted)

Company:Cure Holdings limted
CEO :Takahiro Minato

We are developing Cosplay Token (COT) which aims to bring new value to cosplay by utilizing blockchain.

▽Overview of Cosplay Token (COT)

▽ Official Telegram of Cosplay Token (COT)
We accept questions and opinions about Cosplay Token on Telegram.

▼ About OtaCute Co., Ltd.
"A world where you can continue doing what you like"
In order to make this ideal a reality, we develop and operate Otasuke, an app for fans to support cosplayers,  through photo posting, contests, and open chat functions, as well as host Otaku events mainly in Southeast Asia.

▽ From OtaCute representative Yu Ohara
The Otaku events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. Due to this, I have witnessed Southeast Asian otakus who are giving up hobbies they are passionate about.
The Otasuke app was released in July 2021 in hopes that we can continue doing what we love, and it is currently being enjoyed by 10,000 cosplay fans.

Cure Holdings Limited (Cosplay Token Project) whose mission is to "use blockchain to bring new value to cosplay"
impressed me, and so we have come to have a business partnership with them which will surely be of help.

▼ Roadmap
2019: Started hosting otaku events in the Philippines
2020: Established OtaCute Philippines Inc. in the Philippines
2021: Procured seed capital/ OtaCute Co., Ltd. established in Japan / Otasuke app released.
2022: Procure series A / Indonesia expansion / Implemented NFT function based on Cosplay Token
2023: Expand to all areas of Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore
2024: Procure Series B / Expand to Europe and America

▼Otasuke! download page


OtaCute Co., Ltd./OtaCute Philippines Inc.
Founders: Yu Ohara, Kenzaburo Kobayashi, Kazuki Kusumi

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