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No Monster Stays Dead: Central Books Brings Back Gimo Jr.

Plot Twist! Beloved Middle-Grade Tale Returns From The Grave Through New Publisher

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In stories, monsters are the ultimate comeback artists. Not just in movies—turns out, middle-grade books have their own resurrection tales. Gimo Jr.'s refusal to stay in the literary grave proves that monsters have a thing for encore performances!

After a long absence since the Manila International Book Fair last September, "Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan" reemerges with a new version, promising an exciting read for its audience.

Central Books: A Legacy of Publishing Excellence Since 1945

Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte, the creative mind behind "Gimo Jr.," realized Central Books was not just a publishing partner but a lifeline for his literary journey. "The experience with the first version of 'Gimo Jr.' was disheartening. I was disappointed with the book's production quality, yet I set aside those feelings to focus on its promotion. When that version was later removed from shelves, I contemplated giving up," confessed Pasaporte. In Central Books, he found more than a collaborator; he found solace and an opportunity for redemption. "This collaboration with Central Books was an obvious choice. Their transparency and unparalleled professionalism resonate with me. Central Books has not only provided a significant opportunity but also reignited my enthusiasm, and for that, I am genuinely grateful," expressed Pasaporte.

Central Books, a cornerstone in the publishing world since 1945, boasts a rich catalog of over 700 titles and a robust presence with physical stores in key cities nationwide. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of literature, Central Books is synonymous with quality and innovation.

Gimo Jr's Triumphant Return

Central Books reaffirms its commitment to elevating children's literature with the reissue of "Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan." This return not only heralds the revival of a compelling narrative but introduces an upgraded edition, promising an elevated quality that will captivate readers of all ages.

This edition of "Gimo Jr." boasts significant improvements, including a size upgrade tailored to engage middle-grade readers better. The book's paper quality has been elevated to offer a superior tactile experience, and the binding, a marked departure from the previous edition, ensures durability and longevity. Meticulous edits by Mildred Tan, aimed at enhancing the book's accessibility to kids across the Philippines and beyond, guarantee a more enjoyable reading experience. Furthermore, artist Auggie Fontanilla has contributed enhancements to the cover.

We're thrilled to announce that "Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan" is not only accessible nationwide through Central Books but has also expanded its reach globally through Amazon, spanning regions such as the USA, UK, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Japan, Canada, and Australia. The book is available in paperback and e-book formats on Amazon, inviting readers worldwide to embark on an enchanting journey through the rich tapestry of Filipino folklore.

Championing Diversity and Inclusivity

Author Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte, an advocate for diversity in Filipino children's literature, fearlessly tackles the challenges of introducing aswang-related literature into school libraries. In a newspaper article last September, he emphasized, "It's high time we embrace the rich diversity of Filipino folklore in children's literature." Despite obstacles, Pasaporte remains devoted to promoting inclusivity, ensuring every child can access the rich tapestry of Filipino stories.

Pasaporte wears many hats—podcast producer, head of marketing, and co-founder of Gully Books. He passionately promotes reading literacy among young Filipino children, endorsing the National Book Development Board as vital in cultivating a reading culture, encouraging authorship, and fostering the book publishing industry's global competitiveness.


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