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No Clinic Nearby? No Problem! One in Five Filipinos Leap into Telehealth, Survey Reveals

Can telehealth overcome traditional healthcare barriers in the Philippines?

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Is telehealth the future of healthcare in the Philippines? To uncover this, Standard Insights survyed over 2,500 Filipinos, surveying their attitudes towards the emerging telehealth and teleconsultation services.

Philippines - February 09, 2024 - Access to quality healthcare has long been a hurdle for many Filipinos, particularly those residing in less urbanized regions. With most healthcare professionals and facilities centralized in metropolitan areas such as Metro Manila, rural communities often struggle to obtain the medical attention they need.

In response to this pressing issue, Standard Insights a leading market research company, has released its latest findings on the preferences for telemedicine services in the Philippines. Based on a survey involving over 2,555 Filipinos nationwide, the report sheds light on the current landscape of telehealth and teleconsultation in the country.

Key Findings from Standard Insights' National Telehealth Survey:

1. Promising Future Adoption: 22.5% of Filipinos have already experienced teleconsultations, and this figure is anticipated to rise, given the growing number of people expressing their intention to use these services.

2. Convenience as a Driving Factor: For Filipinos who haven't tried teleconsultation services, the top motivating factor identified is convenience, with 28% expressing interest in the ease and accessibility that telemedicine can offer.

3. Primary Reasons for Teleconsultation: Among those who have availed of teleconsultation services, routine check-ups (17%), non-emergency medical advice (15.9%), and follow-up consultations (16%) emerge as the primary reasons for seeking virtual healthcare solutions.

4. Positive User Experience: Respondents who have utilized teleconsultation services generally rated their experiences positively, with an average rating of 8 on a scale of 1-10. This suggests a favorable response to the convenience and effectiveness of telemedicine services among the surveyed population.

The growth of telemedicine marks a new era for healthcare in the Philippines. With improved internet connectivity and the urgency created by the pandemic, more Filipinos are turning to online health consultations, a change that seems to be here to stay.

Philippine-based companies, including KonsultaMD, NowServing, and mWell, are pioneering this wave, bringing healthcare services like online consultations and on-demand medicine delivery to the doorstep of everyday Filipinos.

To get your hands on the report: 

Our full digital report is accessible on the Standard Insights platform, and a summary version is available for download from the Standard Insights website:

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