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Brief introduction of what Meat My Veggies is. An online modern palengke providing fresh produce.

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It started by partnering with a vegetable vendor supplier. The demands increased, targeting mothers, restaurant owners, and other clients. Good customer relations became our walking advertisements and the business started to reach more villages and subdivisions.

The pandemic has changed the world – how people work, learn and interact as social distancing guidelines prompted the government to impose more strict compliance to health protocols. This led to a more virtual existence.

Changes continues. Many people then ordering more from online for their safety.

The pandemic situation affected lives of people tremendously. But retail and ecommerce businesses have begun to see new behavioral shifts in shopping habits.  Retailers were challenged, embracing technologies creating connections with shoppers to make customer shopping experience more convenient.

Meat My Veggies is a start up business that started during pandemic last May 2020 as a product of her undergraduate thesis. From a single product, the Founder Grace Olea adapted the name to build an e-commerce business which features a modern wet market – an online palengke to help the people get their needs without risking their health by going out of their houses.

In the beginning, the business decided to collaborate with local vegetable vendor as a support and aid for their sales and return of investment as the founder knew that they won’t have enough customers as usual since everyone is staying at home following the government’s mandatory guidelines.

The usual customers online belong to the middle- and upper-class groups. Meat My Veggies is also active in participating with various promos online platforms like Grab Mart, Pick A Roo & Metro Mart among others with the goal of increasing brand awareness which turned out to be very effective since a lot of orders were received and the customer reach definitely grew. Then Grace Olea tapped Sara Acosta to be her Co – Founder to join her to Meat My Veggies journey.

Meat My Veggies make sure that they serve the best quality items and excellent service They make sure to reach up to the customers as much as possible especially when they have concerns. Meat My Veggies also created a Viber Community in which they add their customers to keep them updated with new products and promos.

As Meat My Veggies grows, the business decided to have its own store. Since they encounter that the vendor is not taking care well of the brand. To protect and take over, they had to build their own store and have their own people. It wasn’t that effective anymore as it was before since the customers were not taken care of. The brand is affected and they had to solve this problem by listening to their customers.

The company is glad to have helped vendors during the pandemic and the goal of being a blessing to people has been somehow achieved. From this on, Meat My Veggies invested on franchising business developed by the Francorp which will add more value to the business/ Right now, Meat My Veggies has its store located in Taguig. The journey was really challenging and exciting at the same time. From the start they already knew that this business will be a blessing to many people. Their vision takes is to lead people to grow and have a safe place for them – a business wherein people would see the heart of it.



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