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International development NGO, CAMP, and Asia-in-Maul conducted Peace ODA Activities in the Philippines.

As a part of the Gyeong gi-do International Development Cooperation Project, they executed the Peace

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International development NGO, CAMP, and Asia-in-Maul, as a part of the Gyeong gi-do International Development Cooperation Project, proceeded with the Peace Academy for peace activists and humanitarian support.

CAMP International (Chairman, Jong-Gul Kim), Asia-in-Maul (Chairman, Hye-sook Cho) carried out a Peace Academy for peace activist training program and humanitarian support activities to participate in international movements for peace through ‘The 2022 Gyeonggi-do International Development Cooperation Project’. The project, which took place for about seven months from May to December 2022, was conducted along with the humanitarian aid projects and publication of historical records for the historic preservation in the Philippines, focusing on the Peace Academy for peace activists.

Peace Academy, which proceeded online in the Philippines and Korea, and the curriculum was customized as a graduate school’s one-semester class. The program consisted of exploring women and feminism as objects of peace and further focusing on the history of the two countries in relations between Korea and the Philippines. Participants from the Philippines and South Korea gathered to listen to lectures to foster a sense of peace, conduct campaigns, and maintain and promote peace in their daily lives.

This Peace Academy consisted of six subjects (WPS and Global Women’s Policy, Korea-Philippines relation and peace, Comfort women’s issues and war, Testimony and historical records, Peace Education, and Peace Campaign) 169 out of 189 participants completed a 12-week lecture program. Also, the Peace ODA Policy Round Table was held to discuss the direction of development of Korea Peace ODA through the case of CAMP

Through this project, it was confirmed that young people in the Philippines and Korea could contribute to the promotion of peace in the international community. In addition, the humanitarian support project for the survivors of the Japanese ‘Comfort Women’ who are in danger of survival after COVID-19 was very well received by the survivors and families, and it is also expected to help in future Philippine’ case studies and education.

Kim Jonggul, chairman of the CAMP, said, “Peace activity is an important example of expanding the new area of peace ODA project, and we will do our best to help peace in Asia through active solidarity activities of young people from both countries."


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