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Filipino Gen Zs Build Talent Solution for Emerging Tech

NexHire crowdsources candidates from top recruiters, and talent networks.

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The article provides an overview of NexHire, a new talent solution that aims to assist startups in emerging tech industries.

Manila, Philippines - July 10, 2024 - Launched in late 2023, NexHire is a new talent solution for startups in emerging tech industries. Founded by visionary Gen Z entrepreneurs, consisting of Ritch Traballo, Justin Lim-Wee, and Gabriel Fordan, NexHire aims to help companies fill their hardest roles by crowdsourcing candidates from top recruiters and talent networks. 

The insight, as mentioned by the cofounders, comes from the fact that traditional recruitment methods often struggle to keep up with the rapid growth of skillsets needed in tech industries. The team, with their deep understanding of the tech landscape and a forward-thinking mindset, has crafted NexHire with the vision of creating frictionless talent solutions. "Our mission is clear and ambitious," says Ritch Traballo, CEO of NexHire. "We aim to empower the next 1 million tech companies in the Philippines by providing them with the talent they need to thrive." 

How it Works

To source talents, NexHire empowers recruiters to earn substantial income by simply doing what they do best: recruiting and recommending candidates from their talent networks. The platform incentivizes participation by offering significant bounty rewards for every job posting. Recruiters can refer candidates to open tech positions and earn a minimum of $100 for each successful referral, with current rewards reaching up to $450 per hire. As the platform continues to grow, these rewards are set to increase, offering even greater earning potential. 

"NexHire is transforming the recruitment landscape by democratizing the hiring process," said Justin Wee, COO of NexHire. "Our platform harnesses the power of personal networks, empowering recruiters to earn substantial rewards while helping people secure exciting tech opportunities."


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