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CYE SORIANO, unveils new single ‘’HOW DID YOU KNOW’’ with a new flavor.

Cye Soriano is a Recording Artist and released her song ''How Did You Know''

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New single of the ''Angelic Clear Voice'' Cye Soriano

Manila, Philippines. 

Did you know that? 

It was 1996 when the song ‘’How did you know’’ released by Chiqui Pineda became a hit in radio stations in Manila. The song is written by the legendary Ms. Cecile Azarcon.

The story behind

Cye Soriano was only in 5th grade when she learned the song. Memorizing the lyrics from SongHits she purchased from a magazine store.

‘’I grew up listening to Ms. Cecile Azarcon's songs like ''Ikaw ang lahat sa akin'' , ''Sana ay ikaw na nga'' and ''How did you Know'' and then, it became my mom's favorite song too.

I performed the song in school programs in my elementary days. Then in 2021, during the lockdown, I performed the song live, in one of the streaming platforms and my mom said that  she always play the video over and over again. Unfortunately, she passed away last year of May 12, 2023 and yes, we played the song during her funeral'’ 

Cye, thought that it's a great idea to record ''How Did You Know'' in new arrangement to remember her mom by and to share the new track to all who love’s listening to light music. She chose to work with Rei Diether Bautista, a Manila based song producer to add new modern sound to the track.

‘’I remember it was October 2022 when I met Rei Bautista and he sent me the intro of the track. I love how the sound of the brass in the intro and I knew that he will go into the right direction.’’

The Voice

Cye Soriano’s singing ‘’Angelic Clear Voice’’

''For me, vocal enunciation means your words are clear and distinct. Listeners can understand what you're singing and I want my listeners to focus on the lyrics besides the tone and music.’’

The Idols

She praised Karla Bonoff, Lea Salonga, Barbra Streisand, Karen Carpenter, Odette Quesada, Chiqui Pineda and Rey Valera as her favorites.

More Songs

More tracks from Cye Soriano. ''I'm a Lady''  with lyrics by Romeo Dela Torre and featured in the short film ''Love Ain't Enough'' starring Shaine Vasquez & Akihiro Blanco. When she learned that she can do more songs to record, she added an acoustic version of Sarah McLachlan's ''Angel.'' The songs are also available in your favorite digital music platforms. Make sure to check Cye Soriano's music and add it to your playlist.

Available Everywhere

Listen to ‘’How Did You Know.'’ Now available everywhere. You may stream or download her songs in Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, YouTube Music and iTunes.

The Socials

Connect and interact with Cye Soriano via and 


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Cellular number @ 9156137516/9981710724 or Cye Soriano via email 

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