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Chinabank to start trading as "CBC"

Chinabank Revamps Stock Symbol for Enhanced Market Presence

China Banking Corporation
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China Banking Corporation

Chinabank is set to adopt "CBC" as its new ticker symbol on the Philippine Stock Exchange starting June 19, 2024, aiming to strengthen brand recognition and align with its evolving market strategy.

Chinabank is changing its ticker symbol on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) to "CBC" from "CHIB" effective June 19, 2024. The move aims to strengthen the brand recognition of the bank and create a more cohesive and unified representation in the stock market.

Among the first companies on one of the oldest bourses in Southeast Asia, Chinabank has been building upon its rich history since its listing in September 1927 on the Manila Stock Exchange, now the PSE.

The change in stock symbol to "CBC" is part of the brand refresh program to modernize the Chinabank brand and image, making it more resonant and engaging to a new generation of customers. It also reflects the 103-year-old bank's commitment to evolving alongside the changing dynamics of the financial industry.

"We have always been open to changes that enhance our positioning,” Chinabank Chairman Hans Sy said when the board approved the change in June 5. “The new stock symbol will enable investors and market participants to easily identify Chinabank and its shares.”

The Philippines’ fourth largest private universal bank, Chinabank has been a key player in the country’s financial landscape for over a century, demonstrating resilience, stability, and a commitment to creating value for its stakeholders. Since its historic listing on the local bourse, the bank has played a significant role in the growth and development of the local capital markets.


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