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Celebrating Progress: Tensei Philippines Inc., Showcases Its New Office

"Elevating Workspaces and Experiences to New Heights"

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We are thrilled to welcome the globe to our new office location as we usher in a new age. This facility is not just a tribute to our expansion; it also represents our unwavering dedication to reinventing the way we operate and serve our valued clients. Join us as we step into a brighter future!

Tensei Philippines Inc., is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its brand-new office space in New Manila, Quezon City. The state-of-the-art facility is a testament to our commitment to growth and innovation.

The new office, located at 7th floor, AAP Tower Aurora Boulevard, New Manila Quezon City. It is designed to provide an inspiring and collaborative environment for our team members and clients alike. With modern architecture, technology, and thoughtful design elements, the space reflects our company's forward-thinking approach to building automations.

Key features of our new office space include:

  1. Spacious Collaborative Areas: Our open-concept workspaces encourage teamwork and creativity, fostering an environment where ideas can flourish.

  2. New Technology: We've invested in the latest technology infrastructure to support our team in delivering even better services to our clients.

  3. Sustainable Design: Tensei Philippines Inc., is committed to sustainability, and our new office reflects this commitment with energy-efficient lighting, and eco-friendly materials.

  4. Client Meeting Spaces: Our new facility includes dedicated spaces to meet with clients, ensuring we continue to provide exceptional service and support.

  5. Employee Amenities: To foster a healthy work-life balance, we've included amenities such as a comfortable breakroom, fitness/clinic facilities, and outdoor spaces for relaxation.

"We are incredibly excited about our new office space. This facility represents not only our dedication to providing the best possible working environment for our employees but also our commitment to serving our clients with the highest level of excellence."

                                                                                                  ---- Takamori Nishikawa (CEO and President) 

About us

Tensei Philippines Inc. is a prominent provider of smart rooms technology. The company's products and services assist hotels / offices and even residences in providing a more connected and personalized experience for their clients. For additional information, please visit the website:


Tensei Philippines Inc

+(63) 28-634-9033

7th flr., AAP Tower, Aurora Blvd New Manila, Quezon City

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