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Bull or Bear Cebu, "WEB3:THE NEW INTERNET" is finally happening this July 15, 2023

To get FREE Tickets (RSVP), Register via , Use the promo code: BOBS

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enspace Cebu is one of the official Community Partners of Bitskwela for its Community expansion in Cebu to organize more meetups and web3 debates in the future.

ARE YOU READY FOR THE MAIN EVENT? Join us as we discuss the current controversies on web3 adoption. 
Bull or Bear Cebu, the premiere Web3 Debate in the Philippines, is finally happening this July 15, 2023 (5pm) at Ayala Malls Central Bloc, Activity Center.
Cebu has long been recognized as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Philippines. With its thriving tech scene, the city has attracted tech enthusiasts, startups, and investors from all over the country. 
The 1st Web3 debate in Cebu, BULL or BEAR is highly anticipating because it provides an opportunity for the local community to explore and understand the potential of this groundbreaking technology.

To get FREE Tickets (RSVP); Register here. Use the promo code: BOBSP

Opportunities and challenges of embracing Web3 in Cebu

The adoption of Web3 technology presents numerous opportunities for Cebu. It can attract foreign investments, foster innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a vibrant ecosystem for startups. Web3 can also address pressing issues in the Philippines, such as financial inclusion and corruption, by providing secure and transparent solutions.

This event is Organized by Bitskwela
Co-presented by: GCash and Blockceler8
In partnership with: DBuzz , Bitget , Tekkon, CoinW Exchange
Supported by: Philippine Airlines, Ayala Malls Central Bloc, GoDigital PilipinasSphera Solutions
Community Partners: Web3 Cebu, enspace Cebu, NomadFury, TETRIX, Revastaff, Web3 Philippines, The Cryptology Academy and many more

The path forward for Cebu in the Web3 era

Cebu has the opportunity to position itself as a global leader in Web3 technology, driving innovation, economic growth, and social development in the digital era. The path forward for Cebu in the Web3 era lies in embracing the transformative power of this technology and fostering an inclusive and vibrant Web3 community.


■About Bull or Bear

The premiere Web3 Debate in the Philippines

■About Bitskwela

a Filipino-led edutech platform that strives to make Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education accessible to all Filipinos of any ethnicity.

■About sphERA Solutions

Empowering the Tech ecosystem through events. Cebu's 1st Tech Community-focused Event planners.

FB Page: spherasolutionss

■About enspace Cebu

Community-driven workspace provider in the Philippines promoting GLOCAL (global and local) ecosystem for businesses and events.

Company name: ENRISE GLOBAL INC.

CEO: Katsuhiro Ago

Services: Coworking, Virtual Office, Private Offices and Business Support


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Location: Unit 1102, 11th floor, Park Centrale Building, Jose Maria Del Mar St., IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

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Call or Text:  0956-682-8982


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