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A Coding Course For All - WeStride's Affordable Tuition Transforms Tech Education

WeStride is enabling social mobility through inclusive and equitable education.

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WeStride, an ed-tech startup founded by Stanford University entrepreneurs, launches in the Philippines, offering the lowest tuition fees among tech schools as well as a 100% job guarantee. The company has helped over 200 students successfully change careers with a 93% job placement rate.

WeStride, a coding bootcamp founded by Stanford University entrepreneurs, recently launched in the Philippines, offers the most affordable tuition as well as a job guarantee. 

The WeStride Full-Stack Development Course provides Filipinos looking to jumpstart their career as software engineers an opportunity to acquire technical and soft skills without having to worry about high tuition fees. With a 93% job placement rate and over 250 learners, WeStride graduates - most of whom initially have no technical background - now work at some of the largest tech companies in the world. In fact, most students receive their first job offer before graduating from the coding bootcamp.

Through a unique learning model that combines live and self-paced learning, learners receive a personalized learning experience that extends beyond learning technical skills. Some of the unique benefits learners receive include unlimited 1-on-1 mentoring from experienced software developers as well as seasoned career coaches, access to an exclusive community of developers, and, most notably, a job guarantee. WeStride promises learners that they will receive an offer as a software developer six months after graduation, or else they will receive a full refund for their tuition.

In terms of the tuition, the current cost of the coding course is 44,000 PHP upfront, though learners can choose to pay via six or ten-month installments. While not a small fee, the tuition at WeStride is considered among the most affordable among the alternatives, which can go up to as high as 100,000 PHP. 

Additionally, WeStride received a Learning Design Award from Stanford University's Accelerator for Learning for their strong focus on hands-on project-based learning allowing learners to develop skills required for when they enter the workforce. 

"From day one until today, we remain committed to delivering the best educational experience while also ensuring that we lower the financial barriers to education," said WeStride CEO Chawin Asavasaetakul. "Our goal is to equip learners with the necessary technical and soft skills to not only get a job in tech but thrive and make a positive impact in their careers."

All aspiring Filipino software engineers are invited to make an investment of a lifetime. Break into tech without breaking the bank with the WeStride Full-Stack Development Bootcamp.

For more information about their bootcamp, learn more and book a call with WeStride's Admissions Team.


Kathryn Timonera

Director of Communications, WeStride

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