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PR Station is the No. 1 Press Release, News Release Distribution Service in the Philippines. PR Station has more than 1,000 registered companies in the Philippines and a total of more than 1,000 Media Partners. It offers some programs or projects where you can distribute press releases for FREE.

Manila, Philippines - January 31, 2024 - With hundreds of press releases published each month, here's a roundup of stories from this month that shouldn't be missed.

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1. Valmiz™ AI Highlighted at AI Asia Expo (January 02, 2024) - ASTN Group, Inc.™

ASTN Group™, creators of the Valmiz™ Augmentive Artificial Intelligence (AAI), took center stage at AI Asia Expo 2023 and wowed audiences at this exclusive and high-caliber event catering to the distinct needs and challenges faced by the South East Asian region. 

2. PR Station Earns 16 Badges in G2's Winter 2024 Report (January 03, 2024) - Filants Inc.

PR Station's standout performance in G2's Winter 2024 Report is reflected in a diverse array of badges, underscoring the platform's commitment to delivering exceptional services.

3. Estafa case filed against hotel chain Maxmuller’s president Elizabeth Tio for govt contract related fraud (January 10, 2024) - OYO Hotels and Homes Private Limited

OYO had contracted stays in Maxmuller’s hotels as a part of the program. Maxmuller Group directly took payments from the ministry bypassing OYO.

4. Philippines Seaweed Farms Could Offer a Crucial Solution for Global Food Security During Nuclear Winter (January 14, 2024) - News24

In scenarios of nuclear war or significant volcanic eruptions, the presence of black carbon in the atmosphere could lead to a nuclear winter, drastically affecting global food supplies with a potential temperature drop of up to 10 degrees Celsius.

5. LYB I.T. Solutions Unveils "Franchise Flow": A Groundbreaking Online Platform for Franchises & Multi-Branch Businesses (January 15, 2024) - LYB I.T. Solutions

LYB I.T. Solutions unveils "Franchise Flow," a unique platform for franchisors and multi-branch businesses, integrating 21 smart features for seamless operations. It includes automated inventory, advanced sales tracking, and comprehensive purchasing systems, revolutionizing franchise management.

6. JOBYODA Revolutionizes Job Search with Innovative App Features (January 17, 2024) - Jobyoda

JOBYODA transforms job searching with innovative app features, setting a new efficiency standard. Revolutionizing the employment journey, it goes beyond traditional platforms, connecting job seekers with ideal opportunities seamlessly.

7. SnapsPH Launches in the Philippines: Revolutionizing Photography and Videography Booking Experience (January 19, 2024) - SnapsPH Marketplace

SnapsPH, the Philippines' first online platform, launches for easy booking of top photographers and videographers for any event, offering secure, varied payment options and a seamless user experience.

8. Qdeals Philippines Debuts as Ultimate Discount Platform, Urges Local Businesses to Sign Up (January 22, 2024) - Qdeals Philippines

QDeals Philippines, a new deals and discount platform, is offering the local shopping scene an irresistible combination of incredible savings, powerful business support, and a commitment to making a real difference in local Filipino businesses.

9. Smile API, Atome Partner to Enhance Shopping and Payment Experience in the Philippines (January 22, 2024) - Smile Technology Pte Ltd

Through the use of data from a variety of sources such as employment documents, HR and payroll systems, gig platforms, and social security systems, Smile API makes it possible for Atome to strengthen credit decisioning, resulting in a pleasant shopping experience for consumers in the Philippines.

10. The Manila Hotel Welcomes the Year of the Dragon (January 30, 2024) - The Manila Hotel

The Manila Hotel is set to usher in the Year of the Dragon with a series of festive offerings and celebrations, adding a touch of opulence to the festivities, enhanced by the grandeur of the hotel’s iconic Grand Lobby adorned with rich Chinese New Year decors.

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