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Help Create Sustainable Tourism Program for Cebu’s First Coffee Farm!

Makesense Asia

The City of Tuburan has partnered with Sensecamp 2019 to invite 50 individuals from around Asia who have backgrounds in social work, technology, health and environmental development to participate in a tour followed by a workshop to help the Tuburan Coffee Farm — Cebu’s first coffee farm — to create a sustainable tourism program for the communities around the farm.

This effort is part of a 2-day program centered around Agro-Tourism, called Sensecamp 2019, that will include panel discussions, talks, workshops, advocacy and awareness building, and many opportunities for networking.

Be one of the 50 individuals to not only be the first to visit the coffee farm, but also work with the City or Tuburan and Sensecamp participants in crafting a sustainable tourism program.

The Sensecamp is not only about the coffee farm but also agro-tourism where workshops and breakout sessions are crafted around the theme.

Register now:

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