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Create, Connect, and Collaborate with Cebu Content Creators

Cebu Content Creators

Cebu being one of the primary destinations for travel and tourism in the Philippines, it is also becoming one of the destinations for social events, entertainment, and lifestyle. The fashion scene is also coping up with the help of its home-grown talent and modeling agencies. With that said, Cebu is in need of more promotion for people to appreciate what the region can offer in terms of tourism, lifestyle and entertainment.

The Cebu Content Creators (also known as C3) is a fresh organization of multi-platform individuals who utilize blogs, videos, and social media to showcase their digital work online. It is a brainchild of friends who wanted to build a community of content creators who are passionate to their works, and as well as open-minded to share their skills to others. Thus, the slogan “Create. Connect. Collaborate” was internalized and become the foundation and the mission of C3.

Improvement is also one of the primary goals of the organization. The Cebu Content Creators envisions to become the leading organization of highly-skilled digital content creators and influencers in Cebu that encourages the community to improve their craft and maintain quality output, promotes advocacies to improve the society, and helps businesses improve their digital presence.

Since its launch in 2017, the Cebu Content Creators coined major events like Cebu Creators Day, a month long of activities open to both members and to the general public on how to start working with their blogs, YouTube videos or Instagram. Blogging workshops, social media talks, and smartphone photography activities are the usual line up of events during the said celebration.

Today, the Cebu Content Creators are slowly establishing connection to brands and local businesses in providing quality work in order to disseminate information through sustainable and strategic promotion. They also have collaboration with other members of other organizations in Cebu, and social media-inclined community like creatives, technical writing, and more.

The Cebu Content Creators believe that they are capable to promote businesses to the highest level of their capabilities through creative writing, photography and other platforms. Aside from promoting Cebu as the country’s leading destination for travel, Cebu Content Creators joined forces with the Department of Tourism Region 7 to continually promote the beauty and pristine beaches, historical landmarks, breath-taking landscapes that surround the region as well as its history for both the familiar and for something new.

For more details about the Cebu Content Creators, visit their website at today. For up and coming events, programs and workshops, follow them on Facebook at


Philip Andrew D. Mayol
Cebu Content Creators (March 2019 – Present)

Cebu Content Creators